Leadership Learning Forum [LLF]

The  Leadership Learning Forum [ LLF] process has evolved over the last 40 + years  into a unique, powerful, professional, personal, and organizational experience.
  • We highlight the ever present requirement of practical or hard results, which is such a prevalent and deep need today, and which sometimes obscures the absolutely crucial but seemingly, elusive,  “soft stuff” of Leadership.
  • The flexible 6-15 month long schedule for these sessions has a power all its own.
  • The amount of individual developmental mentoring done  is significant.
  • My increasingly complete set of materials are available through my website, in protected areas
  • For Business Leaders, Technical Managers, Human Resource Officers, or any facilitator doing this kind of Leadership Developmental work, there is no other opportunity of even near equal value, to absorb this process, connect with my network, and me personally, and to learn, grow and change as you’d like!
  • Broaden knowledge of all basic business functions.
  • Broaden awareness of multiple other industries/businesses/cultures.
  • Expand professional/personal networking with other attendees, graduates and speakers.
  • Achieve professional/personal growth (substantial increase in capacity with the 30 Characteristics of Success, i.e., learning to learn, being creative, teamwork, diversity, global view, etc.).
  • Capitalize on opportunities and available help to refresh and expand basic managerial and leadership skills.
  • Request and absorb continual personalized coaching/mentoring by the facilitators, speakers and attendees.
  • Request and absorb continual personalized feedback to and from each member and the facilitators.
  • Be committed to the process of coaching/mentoring others, i.e. to “give back” in some way to the sponsoring organization, or in the appropriate community.
  • Deepen skills in, comfort with, and capacity for the “soft issues” (politics, flexibility, organization, speed, personal style, leadership, middle management dilemmas, etc.).
  • Capitalize on opportunities (from speakers, attendees, facilitators) to integrate all the above.
  • Get improved managerial/leadership energy now, and multiplied managerial/leadership energy in the future.
  • Have a better chance to retain existing good managers/leaders because of this commitment.
  • Obtain more appropriate integration and alignment of other staff and line business processes via participant actions.
  • Have an opportunity to generate a unique expansion of the Forum process internally, on site.
  • Mostly on the next 3 years from now, & and out into the future  (85%). Without this we won’t get to the next time frame, 4-15 years.
  • Somewhat on the next 4-15 years out (15%).
  • Topics/perspectives will be at these levels, modes and frequency:
Concepts Discovery Primarily
Issues Insights/Experiences Often
Operations Facts/Proof As needed

An agenda will be outlined and circulated in “draft” form.  Input from Forum members and sponsors is always welcome.  There is lots of interaction, exercises and leadership by participants.

A breakout discussion group interacting

A breakout discussion group interacting

  • Age = Primarily c. 25-45 but even younger ,and up to c. 60 occasionally. Age is appropriately varied, and not a critical parameter
  • Size of group = 15 plus or minus 2 [13 – 17]  is optimum for dialogue and diverse perspectives. The different size groups, larger or smaller [<12 – >19], also have unique and useful learning/growing opportunities, but must be very carefully executed.
  • Their current management experience (i.e., managing managers) or leadership activities generally exceeds two years , often more than five.
  • All participants must exhibit and commit to a deep personal internal drive to grow professionally, managerially, as a leader, and  to grow/learn & change individually. This is crucial!
  • Each must have a commitment to coach,  mentor, teach afterwards, i.e., “Give back” or as so often called instead, “Give forward” (see LLF Objectives).  This very often materializes in either sponsoring a forum internally or in leading a “forum like” workshop with their own staff.
  • Self portrait essay biography….”How I got to be me…”  (“Essay Bio” – for instructions see Poster #174).
  • Statement of personal expectations, explicit objectives and full commitment for this forum, all written as an application for inclusion.
  • A sponsor outside of the Forum, preferably a graduate, if @ all possible.


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Curriculum 2015

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