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Long Term [ > 3 years] Direction for the LLF Process

I.             Deliver a clear, unique, rich and intensely valuable opportunity via mutual growth, change, and learning, for all participants, graduates, speakers, sponsors, facilitators and “Coaching Mentors” ( close to 11,000 individuals, involved since the inception of the LLF program in the mid 1980’s).

II.            Provide a connection for continued personal exploration, reawakening, self assessment and motivation, for selected individuals within my huge, network.

III.          Be an alive, changing leadership laboratory, using as a base my extensive history and experience in that journey (i.e., have led or helped lead c.  250 + such programs).

An internal LLF participant presenting a learning assignment

An internal LLF participant presenting a learning assignment

IV.          Be Virtual completely, or partially, or face-to-face, whichever is appropriate.

V.            Be an effective and efficient framework of TDG’s 15 Year Plan (i.e.,’til I’m in my mid – 90’s). It’s in outline form on my website– ), and use that as a powerful communicating/educating vehicle; as a bridge or catalyst so technology and humanity interact positively; to reflect my growing Tai Chi flow, balance and unity; and to use selected members of my Network for their generous/valued contribution.)


What I am about


My own personal life mission is to make a significant contribution, and I am best doing this when I’m:

I.             A catalyst,

II.            Running events,

III.          Using the power of my presence,

IV .         And my network, and

V.            Starting or building initial processes for new and different results.

The Leadership Series will help high potential professionals/managers and leaders, lead, learn, change, grow, (all twenty Basic Capacities-Poster #2); integrating business, community, family and self, in a unique, holistic, highly impactful framework.

I will lead this in a way so each engaged participant, by dealing with today’s multiple challenges, and their own arriving future, will exercise the twenty Basic Capacities in the fullest, most mature sense, for the rest of their lives.  The TDG. Leadership Series Promise (Poster #385) is made for everyone participating.

This process will be self-funding, consistent with the Unchangeable Foundation (Poster #237A), but “evergreen” and continually deepening, and will synergistic-ally link participants, graduates, speakers, Sponsors, facilitators, alliances and “Coaching Mentors” (#367) .


A unique, proven, practical experience.


I.             Dick Dooley’s hands on Leadership – Direct, and full responsibility.   Quick response.  Founder, designer and nearly 30 years experience with the program.  Copyright.  Fourty five year executive career with extensive connections.  Unequalled executive coaching ability.

II.            Eight or nine meetings (orientation session, and 7 or 8 consecutive sessions over 12-15 months).  That’s long enough to learn to learn, and to change, and how to get the work of the future done!  And we have gone to Gettysburg, Great Lakes Naval Academy, Cantigny’s  First Division Museum,  the Saratoga Batlefield, or Normandy-Paris for “once in a lifetime” Learning and Leadership experiences.  Occasionally sessions  are “hosted” on Client sites for a unique, long lasting, growing/learning experience.

III.          Usually an ongoing format.  Can start anytime.  Flexible scheduling allowed.  Reflects current schedules and existing commitments.

IV.          Proven impact [see list of quotes], on well over 10,000 participants via a flexible format, process, style, unique content, tone, and delivery.

V.            Full LLF  materials  are available to select members of my TDG Forum Network via my website

VI.          The experience and presence of Coaching Mentors.

VII.         Huge and supportive graduate population – c. 11,000 including all  my TDG Forums, all the internal client LLF’s, and all the many SIM RLF’s in which I have been involved.

VIII.       Networking  via TDG, Speaker Lists, Executive Search List – available to  participants through TDG.

IX.          Business/Organizational Impact is the primary focus and TAKE-AWAY value of every session.

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