Apr 25

Post 15 Fast Study 14, all 16’s, 17

The low poster #, [15], indicates this is a long time Leadership Learning Forum Process basic topic! However its importance has increased substantially. It was just nice to be quick to assimilate information. Now its essential. For everyone. AND to be able to sort out, what you feel is irrelevant, just as fast. This poster covers c.45-60 minutes discussion in a leadership workshop. It’s amazing how many leaders don’t do the fundamentals well!! The first five bullet points are crucial. And it takes practice!!Luckily there are lots of materials today, every day, to practice on.

It does take intense concentration!!

Apr 08

Post 40 Ring of Fire

Increasingly, perhaps reflecting generational shifts, this poster prompts an lively discussion these days. Older facilitators are more empathetic with its implied work ethic/habits. Younger leaders  often seem to have  been  pressured to seek  “short cuts” as the whole form of the art…not necessarily seeing “craft” focus/discipline as fundamental AND first. I certainly agree with Burgess’s view, but I know…admit!!…. to have been “short cut” oriented most of my life!!

Can one be both? What do you think??

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