Apr 19

I have often used this exercise in LLF’s [just did in one!] to foster participants’ exploration in areas of potential growth, or change, that are not front and center, in their current busy, interrupt driven professional lives. Ten minutes quiet, then 20 minutes more discussion.

“There is an Eastern belief in the value of acquiring knowledge or insight, not through  action, but by the silence and stillness  of introspection and reflection……. Can you do this?  Do you understand that others can with powerful results? How might you incorporate this idea in you own leadership growth?

Of course, an intense, sometimes surprising, often deeply useful discussion follows. Which also always “integrates”  ideas/perspectives from earlier speakers, book, exercises, in a “magical way!! Usually there are at least a handful of participants who practice some personal process of introspection or reflection, and are willing to share their benefits/techniques. A thunderously valuable 3o minutes.


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