Aug 21

I just, in the last blog was pushing the importance of “Breaking Smart” material, and now have another focus, at my highest personal priority of action for your very serious consideration:

The Millennium Project   2015-2016 State of the future     Glenn & Florescu     978-0-9882639-2-5

At a minimum read the Amazon 5 star reviews [ only a few since it’s just out] to get a flavor. Well written, well organized, interesting & understandable charts, good stuff on 2050, and 15 Global challenges, all worth discussing in our LinkedIn Discussion Group. And in LLF’s. And by all genuine Leaders!

So far I’m very happy I bought it and have allocated time/energy to assimulating it, and infusing it into my 7th life phase, especially re. anticipating the kind of “Magic” forum participants need in the future!!

Aug 04

I was just introduced to “Breaking Smart”, as “one of the most insightful things I’ve read in quite a while”….and indeed it is so far for me, and thus I’m passing it along…….with emphasis. Some parts take me a while, i.e., re-reading, to understand. It does however resonate closely with my chosen focus for the next 15 years[ my current long range plan], and my intentions for this website.

Go there.   <>    check if it fits anywhere near as well for you


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