Oct 27

“Certian Trumpets”  The Nature of Leadership    Garry Wills   0-684-80138-8

We very often include this book in internal LLF’s. It covers 16 tpyes of leadership with a selected historically well know person as an example,  then followed by an “Antitype’, also usually well know. The juxaposition of both is insightful. Often provoking new perspectives, even for those of us who’ve read the book several times. Wide and deep coverage. And of course, the full transcript of leadership, yes,  & followership ,and even by some views, failure to lead or follow is distinctly portrayed. AND…… as is sometimes the case with excellent books, the introduction, and the conclusion, plus the appendix, can all be meditated on by themselves, for superb personal understanding of the topic.

Get it out and review for you own growth!!

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