Dec 13

With 5 G [yes-????] and AI [who knows how much we’ll see], and VR/AR, plus a trillion sensors out there collecting mountains of new data…..we may be able to impose together digital and “real” reality, in our  professional/personal lifetimes.

A sort of John Madden football  commentary/diagrams, spread out to  represent our world……….

That surely impacts of bunch of things…e.g….. training……the need for lifelong learning for all….the way most meetings are conducted… physical travel,……etc., etc.

Apparently  Walmart is already doing some of this…. we all need to ponder/discuss this  possible  future a great deal more. Continuously. Even if the questions are as unclear as the answers!!…well even more so!!!

Dec 04

Analytics, or Data Mining, or Data Sciences have been elusive targets in many I.T. organizations for sometime. Often defined by whoever is leading the focus/search, in each situation. Consensus in the marketplace , or the literature is even more elusive. The latest issue of Barron’s doesn’t settle that uncertainty. but surely allows some to feel they are in the “lead”…. or have the right to “teach”. I’m told Boston University will provide 5 courses next year, for CIO’s who want to understand more about this growing area of exploration. I intend to make it a personal quest to find more, hopefully definitively…who will lead the courses, how might they differ, what might be expected learning output, what is the curriculum and format…….hopefully enough to share with those interested

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