Jul 10

I usually read “Breaking Smart”, on a weekly basis……often provoked to differ, or think a-new. A recent point, his #60th  [they’re often long blogs]  = “Because, here’s the thing, when things are being turned upside down, and up and down are churning, the only sense of “depth “available to you…..is the one you generate internally”

Agree. Believe it. So appropriate today. I am “Selling” it all the time via the “Magic” in the Leadership Learning Forums I run for/with Clients. It’s fundamental to do today, with so much data available, tons of so called “fake news” [ depending often on whose it is…??]…and simply not enough real practice leading others, never mind leading oneself….., to break though the confusion that’s offered constantly, to many trying to lead……..If you can’t find your own solid base, testing it always, then you can’t, in my opinion, deal effectively with what seems like an every day agenda in many “disrupted organizations/even professions” today. The book “Stealing Fire” by Kotler & Wheal, deals with some attempts to generate, peak, @ least much higher,  performance  in  groups, to deal with this constant challenge….. The Navy SEALS,  Googleplex, The Burning Man Festival….Nike’s Innovation Team, etc., etc.

Get it, peruse it,  ponder…how can you do it… to find your base, to support and propel you, to your best self……and then your team, and then your organization!?!?!……….or else do what???

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