May 29

Things I See

This has been an oft requested short presentation to my retainer clients. The perspective being that I was in 20-30 organizations ever year and running sessions with hundreds attending.  So…. even if I didn’t know the answers, I knew what leaders were worrying/asking/pondering about.

I am traveling less now, but interacting more, either by phone or electronically.  Here is my current list. Each point sometimes takes an hour or more of intense dialogue when used as a discussion framework. I plan to do a video on my website for each one, overtime- two minutes or so long, i.e.,-crisp & relevant- every other week or so!

Do come to interact….leaving a comment, suggestion, or alternate view!


May 27

The first  experimental video we did, was a message on my 76th birthday. It’s stored with others now on this website, but it’s success connecting with many in my personal and in my  professional network, prompted the work leading to this new website!

So I’ve just done another. Very is a still shot, taken on the National Seashore by Barbara ,as we walked there on my birthday just now.  Such walks are a favorite thing of ours, & one of the strong reasons for moving to Cape Cod 7 years ago.

I hope to be doing this, as happily as today, for 25 more years. And all that while, learning to connect  with you all in different ways, like these videos, on this website. Or in ways none of us can imagine yet!!

May 23

The informational value, and actionable comments, from last Thursday’s virtual call, validated for me,  all the time & energy I’ve invested in exploring this very different media over the last 18 months. About 25 such calls with many of my network. I’ll continue with more focus, applying the lessons absorbed,  prompted by participant comments, and eager to help others continue their journey of learning/change, via use of the LLF process!

May 05

Thank you all for your comments about this new website. It is surely easier to change/update.

I plan to add in, now, two minute videos on each of the dozen topics I’m talking about @ Forums, or @ Client sites currently. That list is now posted under “Leadership”,  under  “A Dozen Topics”,  for your review, or suggestions!!

A Dozen Things I’m talking about with various clients. I have the “Spider sense”, that these are likely true to some extent in many locations. Not just I.T. oriented. Not in any order.   5-4-11 issue

•             The importance of process skills/perspective, as part of continual business based communication, & alignment.

•             Need for pervasive Mentoring, and leadership development, not only of “emerging leaders” but of the 2nd generation down

•             Horizontal collaboration & thoughtful communication, both internally & externally. This communication must be conversational/persuasive/relationship building & maintaining [i.e., small talk].

•             Outside connections /exchanges, non-competitive. Likely somewhat diverse. To learn. To plan better

•             Making tough decisions faster, with disciplined follow through, in a transparent manner. The use of time.

•             Clear & continual reality limits on “how much is enough”. In multiple dimensions     Communicated!!

•             Being able to “Drop your ‘Tools’ of Identity”. At least for a situation.  Maybe fundamentally.

•             Trust. Extensively worked. Divergent

*            Financial Acumen.  Continually spoken to, & acted upon, on the part of ALL  I.T. staff leaders

*          Security- In the fullest sense. Identified accountability

*      Leaving a Legacy –Why, When, What???

*    Internal Consulting. Part of I.T.’s responsibility

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