May 31

Some version of the below 8 trends/focus points seems to be in every interaction I have today with clients or LLF graduates. Does this loose, macro view, resonate, in part, with your sense of things??

The Unique Potential [Overwhelming??] Impact of Eight, Current, tightly Integrating “Horizontal”   Organizational Processes   Four  traditionally based or driven by I.T., or deeply impacted by I.T. Initiatives   Two [#5 & 6]  are often independently started there, and the last two [#7 & 8] are basically not indigenous, likely even “strange” to many I.T. groups


1.      Overall Technical Architecture  [OTA]- long standing quest, still elusive

2.      Project Management Office – discipline/processes – a few are corporate wide

3.      Enterprise Wide System[s] & business process redesign – primarily I.t. driven often owned or lead by a senior line executive

4.      Mobile-handheld-APP based development-cloud residence- multiple function devices[ BYO]- Hardly well in hand anywhere –not seen as I.T.’s especially by the “younger generations”


5.       Security- fullest sense- sometimes I.T. located

6.       Leadership Development – needed desperately in I.T., then in concert corporately – My work has been with I.T. groups who wanted this as a priority, largely because of the whole 8!!


7.      Ownership & Accountability Expectations –very uneven approaches

8.      Organizational Culture and Change – Human Recourse “Should”, almost never “is”



Richard E. Dooley 5-29-12



May 27

A cataract operation on my one eye, consumately scary for me, having my right hip replaced,  enjoying my 78th birthday, plus a week of R&R in Vancouver with Barbara celebrating our 25th anniversary, have diverted my energies from this website. Now as part of my rehabilitation time, &  getting back my mobility, I hope to review, update and refresh its content and organization

Let me know what you think, please

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