Oct 23

In preparation for a 3rd cycle of my Leadership Learning Forum process, to be run internally in a client site, largely by themselves now, I unearthed three important books used in the process on some past occasions.

“Teach Your child to Think”  Edward de bono    0-670-83013-5……..plus “Systems Thinking”   J.  Gharajedaghi   978-0-12-385915-0 ….plus  “An Introduction to General Systems Thinking”    Gerald M Weinberg    0-932633-49-8

All powerful. One difficult [ the 2nd ]but extremely rewarding, as some difficult books are. AND…all are in greater need today than ever, because of  global  commoditization of technical devices/access, and easily obtainable or creatable software. But perhaps only for a few of the deeply dedicated leaders in our field . Likely not useful for the convenient or occasional visitor to Information technology as it is evolving today. Maybe just a brief outline or summary??? We  will try that!

Peruse all three. Use parts. Decide yourself, please. Let me know……

Oct 10

Fall is  wonderful in New England. The attached photo  hints at its color, its serenity, its holistic-ness. Past photos, shown still in the archives on this page of my evolving website, show different seasons, all with their own purpose/meaning.

May yours, in your leadership aspirations, be as fulfilling as possible!!


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