Mar 08

As I grow into my 6th life phase [ First Scholar program,  High Flyer in technology, Executive Floor Leader, Consultant & Professor,  Forum designer & facilitator,  legacy], and my chronological 4th stage […. each 25 years], I’ve embarked on a new updated, but historically based, interface with  my network and the general marketplace.
This website, after 12 very successful years with the first, is much more interactively framed. And easy  to change, which means it’ll be more current and relevant. And it provides an easy  link  to other sites important to my work, e.g.,  LinkedIn  and Ecto. That linkage captures all the connections & materials I’ve put in there over the year. In addition it will allow searches on my site, which is a new capability. Finally it will make available sooner and more completely, my characteristically active future  thinking   about challenges today that aren’t being attended to well enough in my opinion. This has been a long time favorite with clients and followers [those familiar ” Things I See and Hear”]
So join in,  review and ponder, respond how you’d like, and stay in touch.
I will!

Mar 03

This new framework for communicating is much more of a  two way connection, more individualized,  is already helping integrate/simplify my legacy years, while strongly reflecting those perspectives and priorities.

Please browse around, and comment. I’ve always sought feedback and dialogue

This is clearly another “divergent” (never-ending) focus in my life.

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