Aug 26

I’ve begun to review my entire website. Mostly it just grew, over the years, however was needed…… no real plan, nor strategy. Why not? I always believed I was a planner of the best kind, for myself….and family. But….a long term view now clearly suggests I have been focused on current “working” needs/ opportunities…of traditional sorts. Understandable.

I’ll begin my 88th year on my 5/7/2021 birthday. Perhaps time to focus much more extensively an a specific counseling version….sharing my experience and wisdom as useful to younger clients. Actually that has been happening from just before the beginning of CD-19, c.18 months ago. For sometime I have been less “transaction oriented”…… sharing a dialogue of “deeper thinking”, which is more needed, and very much less available in a fully trusted mode to most executive leaders. It’s exactly what I provide…….. And………what shapes the remining time of my business organization focus these next several years

So as I age it seems, some of the characteristics of time and aging, often overlap. Not always, but often enough to warrant expression here on this site

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