Jul 19

One of the many things I’m incorporating into this website now, as I’m focusing on sharing Leadership Learning Forum [LLF] “Magic”, is a revolving set of cartoons. This “section” is not a protected area on the website. Some organizations doing multiple internal LLF’s have used “cartoons” as quick aids…on the big screen during breaks/meals, or as people gather to start, or during the “Cool down” period. Very effective. Brief. Cut to a relevant point. Provoke discussion as well as chuckles/laughter.

We’ve had an interesting dialogue, recently, in the LinkedIn Discussion Group [go there if you like… to the link on the lower right hand side bar, on the first page, and get engaged], prompted by this same idea,of the use of fun, or humor, or even jokes….. so…..fun?… how much??… does it help learning or being a leader, or diverts us??? This dialogue has been instructive for me, & brought about a deeper understanding  of the use of himor in a LLF, and a shift of perspective on my part!

Cartoons ,of course, are not the only way to bring “fun” or laughter into a Forum, but represent one easy quick way, that’s been effective so far. Each lead facilitator has this as a primary design parameter, I believe

Jul 10

I know Clayton Christensen, as many of you do…enjoy/use his books in LLF’s… like  his speeches, & his classroom presence/teachings, and most of all, his personal interaction.

The below link was sent to me by  a very successful Dot-Com surrivalist, who reads a lot ,as many of us do. This is short, very relevant, asking if each of us is doing enough preparing/helping of today’s emerging leaders….provoked some new ideas & energy on my part. Well worth discussion




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