Various Photos from select Forums

Perusing these not only provokes Forum memories for those once engaged, but perhaps more importantly also provides a set of operational options to consider, for any new sponsor or facilitator. The room, the setting, the various AV/display capacities, the actual agenda set-up, the furniture, especially chairs, the actions of participants, etc., etc. I will choose from several hundred such photos, a rolling set of c. 3 or 4 “sightings” of the LLF process in action, with my comments and insights on each, on a monthly basis, or thereabouts. And  then rotate these “Teaching moments”, so they can be reviewed again later…i.e., just scroll down, and keep them lower on that section of the site. Thus keeping all these offerings in one easily accessible place, but showing my current, most recent perspectives first!

The  various videos or photos, likely studying several at a time, will  illustrate  LLF processes, or operational insights, with some of my, hopefully relevant teaching points or lessons on each. This will become a running commentary.

The selection and preparation of the meeting room [and its surroundings facilities] is of paramount importance, in my opinion. Optimal arrangements  aren’t always possible but are a crucial context, for allowing the forum “Magic” to occur!! How the room and area are woven into, & become an active part of the Forum process, supporting its “Magic”, is one of the lead facilitator’s key responsibilities. These photos will help, I believe!!

Click on the 2nd menu bar above to select a video or photo. Click on each for greater clarity. I’ve added, or will soon, some comments relevant to each.

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For their 40th Anniversary the Boston Chapter of SIM created a three part visual record of the chapter beginnings and growth. They asked me to start it off as I’m an honorary Boston Chapter member as well as one of the original founders of SIM.

LLF Orientation videos

I also will soon share a total of twelve videos of my Leadership  Learning Forum [LLF] Orientation……. the basic process. Three sets of four videos Two sets were done at SmithBucklin Corp., and one @ Loma Linda University Health,  all for each of their Leadership Development purposes internally. Each set of for, effectively, in a few minutes, [c. 4o to 45  minutes total] captures the framework “magic” of the LLF. There are no ?’s from an audience, no breaks for easier learning , no customization for either of these  sponsoring organizations.  Thus the usual 1/2 day orientation is covered simply, by me, in less than an hour!! Click on the 2nd  menu bar section, listed above [LLF Orientation Reduced to Four short videos], to review them with your own password-  avalable directly from me. You’ll need to use a second specific password here to get into the professional Photographer’s site who did these @ SmithBucklin [again available directly from me].

Videos From Dick, and of Dick

These videos, below, have been a  much more effective means of communicating currently, in my still huge network, both professionally and personally. I intend, on this  website to continue connecting, and will  share more  videos….. brief – max three minutes….. of different focuses; book reports, poster use/explanation, participant feedback[ with their permission], and of the “Things I See & Hear”, a style clients favored for years in my previous full time five days every week, retainer counseling days.


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