Jun 21

Below, dated 4/25 in a comment about “Being a Fast Study”, a  capacity of value for leaders…. that’s been a part of my Leadership Learning Forum Process] LLFP] for years,  we actually highlight a skill required today , perhaps more than ever. The same heightened perspective, in the next “blog” [6/7], referencing the Economist’s issue of 5/6 , focusing on “Data”, builds toward the same importance of knowledge  and comfort, that many of us don’t have today, about the pace/scope of more “advancing technologies (AT)”  than are in my current, 7 months old, list [Poster 444] Post 444 Tech Trends. I’m in discussions, exploration sessions, with clients/network contacts now, about these 13 [acknowledging there are others AT’s to consider – but this list seem more than enough to start for most of us – especially for emerging leaders], and how the 13 combine today with some select leadership capacities[ listed as A- E] that are often not fully operative in some  organizations today.

Surely requires more dialogue. The need for which is clearly manifested by the implications referenced in the last blog [6/16] about “Neural Implants!

Jun 16

A superb, fascinating,  short, article on one of many technology  advancements these days , that manifests the huge gap…which is increasing,  between those who are engaged with some of these trends, @the “edge”, so to speak, and much of the rest of the normal work force inhabitants, I run into each day……..including those in “technology”………Maybe they’re  in “technology” that’s fast becoming “old”…perhaps faster than ever in our lives before!

What’s possible, actually often being done somewhere now, begs for more discussion/planning/realistic creative review and thought, than most staff have the time/energy to give. One of my grandsons is in classes now, in college, covering advanced technologies……little known nor understood by many of us, that will form work assignments for him and his generation in the near future!!

The descriptive adjective “Disruptive “, as common as it is now, isn’t really being appropriately used often enough in my opinion.


Get it, and ponder!….no, study more and plan!!

Jun 07

An excellent article. Get it and read for sure , I’d argue

And ponder…. we all know of the ages – farm to agrarian to industrial to information….but really “Data”.  They postulate that “data is to this century what oil was to the last: a driver of change and growth”, and then go into how it’s grown, what makes it, what it’s used for, or will be, with some interesting chart/lists. Plus a number of thoughts/perspectives on markets it’s created or disrupted…on its share-ability…on its portability..and who might get held accountably for what . Or not! With differences in Europe, American and China referenced……

Should be a carefully run full day workshop, superbly facilitated! And much more…… There must be more written & discussed, of course. I will look for that.

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