Jan 26

One of the documents I call “Posters”, Post 418 Master List 10-4-16 – E.V’s-Exercises- Games, Etc., [ there are perhaps a thousand!!] contains c. 160 choices/options for lead facilitator’s use, as best fits that group of participants, in that customised cycle of the LLF process. Select forum facilitators have access personally.

I’m expanding on the list just now, explaining the use/rationale for each, one by one[ likely a lifetime project]. But fun for me/useful to others, perhaps.

Jan 25

My website is back intact, and I will now re-focus on what is the intent of this 7th phase of my life!   Very happy to be back @ work @ that!!

Jan 08

Forecast of 2-5 inches actually kept on to c. 14 inches. And cold, i.e., c. 15 degrees. Really like my life in the Chicago area. Serious mobility challenge for 30 to 48 hours. Now OK, but very different. Getting lots of house /desk work done. Hopeful of a return to normal soon. And to work out the future of my evolving website, which is essential!!

Jan 06

Was forecast as 2 inches, raised to 5……actually pretty, but reminds one, why so many Cape Cod residents go south for 3 – 6months. The swans are indistinguishable from clumps of snow on our dammed-up river. Prompts memories of when I was very small, and relished  waking to a fresh white cover over everything!!.It’s usually gone here, within 24 hours or so! Which is lucky, ’cause Cape Cod is not so good as, say, Chicago, @ handling accumulated snow. But so far today it’s fun to watch…..and remember other joyful times…….so, as we edge into 2017, may this year bring you, and yours, enough Peace, Joy, Physical and Spiritual Stamina, for whatever future might evolve!!

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