Sep 19

I accidentally deleted [ while working on improving the protected areas on the site] this fundamental list (post-90a-learning-to-lean) – a basic to the LLF Process- and was distraught….but luckily was able to access an old version of the Posters I sent to a client, and retrieve it!

So then I studied it….kind of like “finding the lost sheep”, and was astounded @ how relevant/provocative, actually fresh, it was. Thought I knew it all already, of course…..a deep lesson again!!

None of us is ever  finished learning. Click on it and ponder!?! then use the worksheet (post-90b-worksheet) to add some of your own tactics…likely a habit we should all focus on as we age!!!

Sep 06

It’s been over twenty years since one really landed here , so maybe it’s time…and other areas have been warned, well and then. hit hard. But  here it didn’t materialize much more than an impending storm. So worry/listen /prepare for nothing.??….. well…better than no notice and lots of damage/discomfort!! Likely coming AI, though hard to feel it now in our daily lives, must be prepared for, understood re, options, reach, and disruptions/and surely as the weather changes, AI will be increasingly a major  and visible/unexpected part of all our lives. Seek it out personally. It’s already here to stay.

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