Jul 16

I have now started re-writing, updating, & expanding my website, making it a key part of my remaining years [ well, I hope ten more @ a minimum!!] in this last phase of my life. The other phases are listed in my long essay bio , under the section “My Work”. Hopefully all having grow from each other and now accumulated!!….where one of the main focus points will be sharing my materials and some of my direct connection when useful to those with access.

May 08

We shut down TDG Inc., as of 12/31/18 [a major change…much more than just an accounting shift!!]. Then traveled for an extended period to explore the option of Retirement…..relaxing…no contracts, nor retainer relationships. Then back focused in on life here on Cape Cod, as a Sole Proprietor, with all its ramifications…..like a new job, from my past life?!?

A work in progress. And a set of changes to this website reflecting that shift. As I move into my 86th year, believing more now, deeply in a different mantra:

more moving towards less

now moving towards deliberate

all moving towards choices

fast moving towards paced

intense moving towards balanced

My way moving towards include others

Hopefully it will show…………………..

May 20

I just updated, actually changing very little, the full description of “My Work” as I head into my 85th year…doing more by phone,email or virtual arrangements, with clients I know well/who know me well!
Less Travel. Often more effective,!!
The basis for the 7th phase of my life!!!
Very fulfilling…. to all.

Mar 16

A longstanding Client, who has become a mentor of me in our process….suggested I add my speaking style, to each website verbal reflection/blog…..which I’ll now do…one more structured, the 2nd a bit more rambling…….personally expressive, if not proof read ready for print. This blog and the most recent one will be my first experiments with that idea. It will be an adventure!

Mar 07

I read before leaving for a long time of R&R in Phoenix with Barbara, that relaxation was a learned skill. So why not get to be able to turn it on and off on demand? Tried. Got better I think. Maybe still behind others I deal with. Came back just a while ago and can’t believe how many things dimmed in that time frame, which were automatic in my usual daily process…combinations…passwords… what certain buttons in the car do…and a ton of network/systems stuff….. Brother! Well catching up, and now focused back on my website architectural plan [WMAP], which is crucial to this the 7th phase of my life!! And of interest to some of you. And will be reflected here much more visibily  and continually.

Sep 26

For some many months I  have been lecturing on the extent of many [actually increasing] technology trends, most of those on the list were “Science Fiction” topics, just a short while  ago. This list is  used as a discussion basis in Leadership Learning forums –  Post 444 Tech Trends. The crucial implications referenced, are the intense tight convergence, the realization that some really aren’t technology trends, but ideas or processes, that they are changing, in real time, AND provoke at the same time a serious level of concern/planning, and also the naive view that this is a long ways off!! They’re the full brackground now for several major industries…..big Health Care, Higher Education , the Legal Profession, Banking, and Insurance, and on & on. And they represent a framework for everyone’s planning/security/disaster recovery efforts. Welcome to the dialoque. It will be with us for sometime. Those in our profession….Information technology Services….. who have wanted to be more important surely have that option now!

Aug 10

This 6th video, long with the previous 5 videos shown under “teaching videos/photos”[ click above],  of my office and what’s in it, manifests, I believe, how I’ve grown and changed, both professionally and personally over time. It’s the framework now, in this giving back phase, the 7th phase of my career, providing a flexible construct to share all my learning’s and experiences helping emerging leaders everywhere discover their own best way of developing others. Little by little I’m adding into the website, materials, documents, photos, quotes, ideas,  drawings, etc….whatever might seem useful in that crucial process, from 1983 on. Almost 35 years of intense focus!  I hope you can use it your own way, any way you like

Call to chat, or go deeper into any part, or more specifics, if you like

Jan 25

My website is back intact, and I will now re-focus on what is the intent of this 7th phase of my life!   Very happy to be back @ work @ that!!

Dec 10

STILL IN PROCESS- as of Wednesday 1/4/17


Jul 29

Kevin Kelly’s recent book “The Inevitable”, referenced on several of my below comments, was often quoted in a provocative article about AI, in    www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets…..   on 7/26/2016….”there has never been a better time, with more opportunities, more openings, lower barriers, higher benefit/risk ratios, better returns, nor a greater upside than right now!”

WOW..a huge statement by a famed author in our field!!

The article points out that advanced AI is the only way we can make sense of the overload of the data we are bombarded with  today,  and  adds to the technologies that are advancing so fast, and possibly helping…[referenced below]…several more that are moving very fast…..Solar, block-chain, online education, on top of….. – mobile, social, “pocket doctor”, cloud…….!!…..

Who isn’t overwhelmed………… perhaps the young…..as always. So, there’s hope then, too, as always!!! so what do you think…. or feel??

Sep 03

I’ve been interacting  with clients re. the troublesome & deepening aspects of security & privacy issues for several years, that weren’t often addressed, nor designed for, in systems operating today. Just had a close friend and client point out such a vulnerability on my own website. Happened, classically, a week or so ago as I made another seemingly unrelated move of web materials/links. Like lessons of 4  decades ago in then called Data Processing. Which I was responsible for! A humbling lesson, prompting more rigorous review of everything on the site, since I am in a thorough redesign/update, and will be for some time.

An added constant perspective, hereafter. You may have already had it.

Aug 21

I just, in the last blog was pushing the importance of “Breaking Smart” material, and now have another focus, at my highest personal priority of action for your very serious consideration:

The Millennium Project   2015-2016 State of the future     Glenn & Florescu     978-0-9882639-2-5

At a minimum read the Amazon 5 star reviews [ only a few since it’s just out] to get a flavor. Well written, well organized, interesting & understandable charts, good stuff on 2050, and 15 Global challenges, all worth discussing in our LinkedIn Discussion Group. And in LLF’s. And by all genuine Leaders!

So far I’m very happy I bought it and have allocated time/energy to assimulating it, and infusing it into my 7th life phase, especially re. anticipating the kind of “Magic” forum participants need in the future!!

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