Jan 22

Cape Cod doesn’t handle snow over 2-3 inches  as well as Chicago does….where I just came from. Lucky to get in here. I helped “Commence” the third Leadership Learning Forum [LLF] there  1/17-18/’14,  @ SmithBucklin Corp., sponsored and led by Henry Givray, their CEO. A spectacular process, deep & broad learning/growth, powerful bonding by all participants/speakers, wonderful gifts & memories, unique energy and commitment being carried forward both personally & professionally! With uniquely positive organizational impact. Lots of “Magic”!!

Most note-ably, for my own continued growth & learning.  I’ve been involved in perhaps 250 LLF’s since 1984. This  one was at the top or close to it!! A joy and solid pride for all to be part of!!!

I will travel to Loma Linda University Health, in San Bernardino, next week to help “commence” there, their first such LLF, which has had, so far, a lot of the same results/impacts, and “magic” as referenced above.

Much of this website is now dedicated to helping bring that about more frequently, more predictably, as referenced below, especially the evolving section “Magic”

We’ll see.

Jan 13

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