Click on “People have said”, above, for 25 or so, expressions of thanks, of personal value,  impact, or use, by forum graduates, their sponsors, or professionals with whom I have worked for some time.

Or click on several past articles, which captured then, the relevance still available today…… several Computerworld articles, or a DocuWorld (Xerox) article,  on two articles on internal forums at Lincoln Financial Group, plus an interview of my perspectives. All available by clicking on  a selection in the 2nd menu bar above. These past statements, have prompted numerous contacts from friends, clients and like thinkers. But perhaps most importantly, all these reactions/”quotes”,  help shape or customize a leader, in ways of learning, growth and change,  more useful within the “disruptive technology trends” and business events we all face, right now.

They’ve also prompted lots of thought/change on my part, and surely in some existing Forums,  enhancing their scope and depth as well as my 7th Phase of life……which is  in icon form under “My Work”, then under “My Long Range Planning”……. which hopefully will be increasingly reflected on this website, and in this continuing, expanded more broadly reaching feedback.

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