Jun 29

In the 6/14 issue of SingulariyHUB [which I read regularly],- and in the CNBC interview which is clickable from it- they argue that the issue isn’t the amount/pace of change, [referenced below in my last several blogs]….. it’s that some or perhaps many of us are sluggish @making appropriate  USE of the opportunities arriving for us. It’s simply a matter of adapting, something that is altogether human, and which we have always done very well before…though perhaps not always comfortably, as it happened. Plus, it is too easy to be pessimistic before or during change, another very human trait, but the positive opportunities ARE there. So it’s up to each of us, individually and  as leaders, to choose how we respond, contributing to or helping how, others will!!

Profound, I believe!!

Jun 04

This is basically the title  of a new book by Kevin Kelly, available 6/7/16, by Viking

Well, I’ll get it and read carefully……. Kelly co-founded WIRED in 1993, was Executive Editor until 1999 and is still with them. He also was the publisher and editor of the Whole Earth Review. I’ve read his comments/articles before, and surely can’t avoid taking advantage of my picking 12 also, not knowing he had. He covers the set as deeper processes, not specific trends, but also believes they overlap and are codependent. I’m thinking this makes both discussion and sharing, mandatory, in my network. We’ll see……

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