Mar 27

Communication is always crucial…especially for those of us who are reasonably good @ it….or just take it for granted as an everyday process we do well enough. This poster [#28] (Post 28. Four Dimensions in communication) has been a favorite of Leadership Learning Forum discussions for years. Understanding and improving your versatility in “length” [time used], or in level[ i.e., height/distance of perspective], or the various  media[s] used, or pondering the sequence of how you learned this art, is absolutely fundamental in every leadership opportunity to produce the most effective “Magic”.

Actually this  one page set of ideas/practices is enough for an intense 1/2 day workshop on the process!…..Often takes longer to master the four views !!

Mar 11

As I proceed into this 13th year from this office, with only mandatory travel, and extensive use of  myriad electronic connections, I find long established relationships overcome distance and time easily. Actually they make the process more effective, efficient and fulfilling for all parties so engaged, and surely for me. I am completely into the 7th phase of my working career, collaborating, integrating, and anticipating with select very strong  partnership  arrangements. I’m focusing on helping others, in their fullest selves, develop on-going leadership capacities, in their own staffs. This is much more “future” oriented, on top of my huge experience base. There’s a huge calling for this interaction! We all should have started years ago!…..But “doing the work” seemed to get in the way for some of us. Now, leadership must be “Bolted to the Work!”, both getting done well, simultaneously. Well,…actually leadership needs to lead even in this coupling. You’ll find tons of insights, born of experience, on this website, the “Magic” so to speak, especially in the protected areas which require my approval for access.

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