Aug 12

Risa Mish,  a very accomplished Professor @ Cornell University, spoke @ the SmithBucklin Leadership Learning Forum last week and helped me understand more about my Forum “Magic Quest” . She posited that to get there [she generates her own magic], one needs courage, then faith, then the ability to let go, then the capacity to  own your own gifts! This resonates quite well for me, and I consider it a profound insight!

I’d be happy to ponder you own thoughtful reactions. Please send them along.

Aug 03

On Thursday 7/28,  c.34 of us benefited hugely from interacting, virtually, with Dr. Carl Hammerschlag who has spoken scores of time to LLF forums and SIM audiences.  A few of those referenced in the extensively positive feedback that I received………The very large “Cost” of attempting to multiprocess…. and the guilt that often drives that attempt….and the pervasiveness of  “Continuous partial attention ” in out leadership activities…several books recommended, including Dr.Carl’s   latest book,which is available on-line now, “The Kindling Spirit: Healing from Within”… the importance of dinner time with children, and offered examples thereof from the participants…. The powerful statement that “those who tell the Stories define the culture” and how that plays out in today’s world…. and the resulting growing need for many of us to tell our positive, more hopeful, personal stories to provide a counterbalance…and of course the focus on continual learning and connecting to others besides ourselves!!  All very special!!

On the next LLF 2.0, on Thursday 8/25 @ 12:30 pm ET, Patricia Skarulis VP & CIO of Sloan Kettering Medical Center in NYC will share  her extensive experience in leadership and in developing it in others. Dial in for sure!! These are all excellent refresher/learning moments!!

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