Jul 31

I’ve been talking about these everywhere. Like some of us wished everyone agreed to, years ago……. but now are indisputable, if a little annoying to some outside of I.T.  However the challenge of living up to, and surpassing expectations with these trends [ CHECK HERE  -posted under Cantigny where we’ ll talk about it more],  is still there , surely so for all my clients, and I believe everywhere.  The list may not be complete, but it’s surely enough!!

Jul 22

This year we will not give out any notebooks @ the session, nor any handouts from those presenting. All materials will be posted to this website under Cantigny, under “Materials 2012”. and I will ask all attendees to bring their laptops/tablets/handhelds – whatever –  to follow the agenda, take notes, search for other referenced materials, etc.

This experimental use of technologys, for us, will be different for many but is more appropriate now, in my mind, to the kind of session I have always run….i.e., intense interaction, with many new views & ideas, provoking lots of off-line follow-up!!

Get the password from me to review materials for 2012 as they are being posted now, and for 2011 also, as we retrieve them.

Jul 15

On  7/12/12, General Hal Nelson U.S.Army [Ret.] lead a dialogue about our upcoming  third forum @ Cantigny, hosted by The McCormick Foundation, 10/1-2/12. His slides and other materials are available in my website. Many of the participants on the call,  had been to previous sessions and articulated the value to/impact on them! The importance of preparation [ pre-reading], and the deeper insights acquired by those who attended a 2nd or 3rd time, and the fact that Cantigny is so rich/diverse/large in scope and history, that whatever you need to learn about leadership….. it’s already there!  And will be clear as the session unfolds!!  All were emphasized. A truly unique learning experience!!! Join in with us to contribute and to grow.

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