Nov 18

The recent election, before, during, and now afterwards, provoked these questions for many of us, suggesting the personal habit of reviewing that set, critically, periodically, is crucial….. A life long activity. Likely never finished, given the changes and challenges we all face  these days. Not only in this country but the world… So I have begun a complete examination for myself, considering first, what I believe my own principles of living are now, what they might, could become, before I judge what others believe theirs are. A daunting, challenging process. Likely will take awhile. especially interacting, in a  civil dialogue, with some of the vast number of people who were surprised/missed/ are upset or worried/can’t accept, what we have been witnessing for some time…so I can reshape my own habits of learning, questioning, absorbing…….and help others do the same, if they too, think it’s important for themselves!!

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