Feb 17

The photo below is from our deck out to the lake we front on, which has been in other past videos [click here]. It’s from 2/16/2014. Having just returned from a week in the Berkshires with Barbara, where they had 2 feet of snow, but know well, how to handle it, we were surprised by 9 inches here. A “panic” on the Cape. The two swans [ just perceptible out there] seem to enjoy it!! Hopefully it won’t inhibit  my travel  to Chicago Wednesday 2/19, to run a Leadershi0p Learning forum there for two clients together. Which is generating it’s own special “Magic”!


Feb 03

Heavy snow falling now, which usually paralyzes the Cape… & is particularly abrasive after a week with Loma Linda University Health in California, helping them commence their first Transformational Leadership Program [TLP 2013]. It was held symbolically, near the historical center of their huge Campus, with many of the senior LLUH leaders who spoke or facilitated, during the program, attending. The participants in TLP 2014 attended the last two days of the program, to capture and assimilate the proud energy/commitment/gratitude of the graduating class! Awesome to be part of this power, for everyone, but surely for me, experiencing it again so soon [referenced in the blog on 1/22/14 below]. So genuine leadership lives there, is being shared broadly & deeply!! And as seems the pressing case all over, in ways that is needed for today’s challenges.

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