Nov 05

A fabulous October , creeping well into November, validates my long standing personal belief that Fall is the best , usually, of the 4 seasons for me! Old Chicago memories smack of “Winter”, sooner. This is nicer. Wherever you are, I hope the same for you. Lots of leaves left, ready to fall, but full of color. No need to travel elsewhere. “Daylight Savings” soon will darken the late afternoons , somewhat, surely as we approach Thanksgiving, but wonderful to have these pleasant set of days here, to catch up…enjoying fully, ourselves, our home, and the entire Cape.


Nov 01

Wow……. Like the old saying goes…”time flies…” Well hopefully, it’ll be a mild winter. Most have been since we moved here….now almost 18 years ago. Interestingly, we have a trip scheduled to Chicago, in January?!?!?! Hopefully a fun one….to a grandson’s wedding. Will report here on the event

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