Mar 03

Back. Tired. Happy to be home. Wonderful trip, for both of us. I knew so little about the place, other than it’s Rain and Cloud Forests….they abolished their Army in 1948, have something like 0.04% of the earth’s land mass, and something like 30.0% of the world’s total species of birds flowers, animals. plants! A multiple of 750x ???!!!  The people are largely middle-class. 97 % literacy. Also very, very diverse heritage, and so is the terrain and climate. Rated 2nd happiest people in the world?? After Bhutan. Saw no homeless. Lots of Americans retire there, and get on their Health System which is very good and get a green card to work a little. Seventeen on the Smithsonian tour, all interesting ,very well travelled, highly accomplished people.  Lots to ponder about why not else where!?!? Leadership history that unusual or successful??? Will study it more now!

Dick in Costa Rica

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