Jul 23

On 7/15  in our regular LLF 2.0 virtual call, I had asked three panelists, representing three generations, to speak with all those engaged on the call about the huge topic of  “Networking”, which had been the thread of 4 previous calls. The use of various social systems got a lot of comment/coverage!  In particular, LinkedIn. A wide range of opinions/use/experiences/beliefs were shared

Some deep into it and asthonised that all weren’t!

I got perhaps 1/2 dozen long comments in the session feedback forms to me, afterwards, saying that the session motivated them to get more engaged. Right now. Not latter!

And…it had the same impact on me……..moving me  further along the curve from passive use, to more active aggressive use . I  thought I was  already @ a high level of use effective use!  A very real lesson & benifit from  our networking via LLF 2.0.  It’s very esay these days to allow yourself to be left behind!!

Sign on 7/28 for Dr.Hammerschlag.

Jul 09

Barbara and I attended this spectacular, community festival. We have before, but it was much larger this year,and attracted participants/attendees from all over, all happily connecting thoughout the grounds! It’s always over the July 4th holiday. [Interesting reference]. The Wampanoags are the tribe native to Cape Cod. First to meet the “white man”, on “First Encouter Beach” on the outer Cape. Beautiful new, or carefully preserved costumes. Many children, Many “elders” [my senior by a lot seemingly!!]. A huge & long Grand Entrance dance/walk  [traditional]. which we were never early enough to see before. Many stalls for crafts.  Quite unusual selections. Yes, the usual tourist stuff, but also  tons of authenic looking, expensive, certified made by American Indians, superb quality, tent fulls of clothes, trinkets, pottery,wall-hangings, furniture etc., etc. Great for a 2nd home on the Cape. Clearly was selling!! We ,as an obviously non-indigenous couple, were by far in the minority!  [My eye patch drew fast attention…pirate implications??] Maybe later more of current Cap Coders showed up?

 I was struck by the value of preserving history and customs. My Leadership Learning Forums are based as much on reviewing, reflecting  on the past, as much as preparing for the future. No doubt the best, deepest learning is a combinaton of both…..to combine the available wisdom of actions/history, with the potential insight for  future possibilities. Surely in leadership development, a review of growth to date, must be integrated with a focus on the continual learning and change, that is there for us all. Whatever our heritage! 

A very provocative several hours. Productive of  “HOPE”. Unusual!

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