Posted by date. Please scroll down several dated comments……to get the more recent!…… The most recent list of suggested changes will be up-dated, as part of comments dated 9/15/2019


I have been very satisfied with the creation and growth of my LLF, over the last 20+ years. Also have tried to keep”updating” it, which of course is perhaps basically impossible to be done correctly now that I am not actively leading , nor helping lead one with new “emerging leaders”

Of course a bunch of ideas/opinions have been bouncing around in my head/heart, for all the time I’ve been focusing on making my LLF materials more “accessible” to others. I will try to express them , and others’, in this section now. Surely a work of some length, maybe the rest of my life!

So… a dialogue…a discussion…………….. much more to come


I want to suggest “Chess” as an addition to some LLF ‘s and will write up why/benefits/study. An initial write -up is below…….. perhaps more ooer the phone or via email.

Also want to cover two perspectives from Truls Henriksen….one on the deep potential meaning/impact of “Context” – [click here please]…and one on Meditation, or calming you mind. links will be added for these,

And…. the ability for anticipating, in a consistent disciplined habit, the Future…@ least getting comfortable with that consistent struggle!!

A fifth is already lined up…. The “abundance” many of us seem to be almost taking for granted now.

Plus a new personal exercise , to be done early in the LLF process, perhaps the very first day and likely referenced or repeated,,,,,,,,,Record for yourself, what you know about leadership, and secondarily, what you want to learn/gain!

Thus several more links to initial write-ups are on their way, for you to ponder, or add/respond to. They are each, huge topics, with multiple views for each of us to consider in our own leadership growth!


So….. in the meandering above, I’ve listed 6 areas: 1] –Chess 2] –Context 3] – Meditation 4] – Future 5] -Abundance 6] (an exercise)…….. Why not look @ the various leadership characteristics, here on this website….and choose, somewhat arbitrarily another, say 19, for a running total of 25 to 30, always, either in writing , or “cooking”.

So add…knowing yourself……. knowing your audience or followers……maintaining an open mind….being a practiced listener…..being able to both a mentor and to be mentored…….handle or engage in strategy….learn/grow…….Get things done/results….. communicate…… understand and deal with competition…..empathy… relationships……..and another exercise [-find an essay, read, then write your own]…….. well it’s hard to stop, but this is enough for now


The current list of suggested changes, now creeping into the 30’s, will take some careful review itself

Likely simply setting priorities will do… There will always, by nature of the program, be too many. AND the latest ones seemingly being more important, especially as the executive leaders in most organizations get into doing their “next year” expense/capital budgets. I will keep this list as up to date as possible. AND I will ponder what might be a good way to document those changes that others are making or suggesting that aren’t on this list, nor came from it. A separate but important group!!


I’ve posted the last copy of my evolving list of suggested “changes “. Will update it hereafter in this spot. Link to it here always updated

  • Chess
  • Meditation
  • The future
  • “Abundance”
  • EXERCISE -what know/what want to
  • Context
  • “Reading” isn’t enough
  • Learning/growth
  • Integrity
  • The success of clients/team/followers
  • AND learn from them
  • Don’t attempt what you aren’t good @
  • Strategy
  • Getting things done/ results
  • Handle competition
  • Empathy
  • Build relationships
  • Seek/understand feedback
  • Capable of an open mind
  • Synthesis
  • Memory
  • Communicate/Command
  • Confidence
  • Finance
  • Analysis [numbers & charts especially]
  • *Know yourself
  • Maintain an open mind
  • Active Listening
  • Mentoring – being mentored
  • Results [ usually assigned to “Management” ]
  • EXERCISE Read and write essays i.e., short notes/requests/ thank you’s
  • Negotiate
  • Manage or lead??
  • Leadership can’t be taught but can be learned
  • Poster 448, especially AI & AR
  • EXERCISE A ten year plan. Your own
  • Control of ego
  • Risk
  • Global perspective
  • Power
  • Politics
  • Diversity in staff/suppliers
  • Time
  • Ambiguity

There’s also an old stand-by poster [#448 “Trends”] used often in previous Forums, but just updated… It’s much more important now. It’s also, of course, in the list of posters [ protected].


Despite being listed just now as #43 on the “change” suggestions, Time is a very high priority for all attendees , for all facilitators, and for all sponsors! So I leaped ahead to start this exploration….click here to begin!


I’ve begun sharing the above accumulated changes with clients who are well into their Development plans for their staff. The”Poster #448 will likely always continue to expand/change. Studying StrenghtFinders has become a basic discipline for facilitators and attendees. I also have begun checking to validate that my entire website reflects these shifts in the near future for I.T. emerging & existing leaders. Further, I’ve gone back to study more myself, the full process of direct mentoring, to be reflected in my counseling now, especially via phone & email

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