Context is absolutely key for any leader.

It’s always changing. So requires consistent review/validation. It’s easy to believe once we think we’ve got it….that it’s OK as is.

Most of us have enough to do just to understand our own, never mind those who lead us [ always there, recognized or not] or those who follow us

But must importantly, how does one combine these perhaps very diverse views, in a cohesive , articulate way, to share with those less experienced

Creativity, speed &  authenticity are fundamental

Speed may be determined in part by outside forces/situations. To be honored, or not??? With care. Varied

Creativity must be personally based, and is worth covering separately. Will

So authenticity remains……doing it your way …….being real to yourself…perhaps with reference to another source if needed. AND…not just as am opening, but entirely.

I believe this is true for any facilitator and any attendee.

It’s actually a huge, complex perspective. Perhap NEVER fully understood, therefore “consistent validation”.

It’s also a characteristic that leaks over onto, impacts other leadership characteristics

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