TIME [or more explicitly “its use”]

Updated 9/2/ ’21…

It’s actually your most important capacity,  I believe… It’s all you really have….all else just uses it!

AND even if we all know better, we often act like it isn’t –  Fixed, un-stretchable, unrecoverable & Under your control [ though we often “lay” responsibility elsewhere

As I age it seems much if the same characteristics as “Time”[ just above] are operative, but other, are not……e.g. occasionally slower, some memories gone or greatly shortened. more clear that it’s not so much waiting to be used for anything, etc., etc.

The very young just use it. Happily. Generally quite un-mechanically…..usually not thinking how much is left for use!

With age, the challenge is more complex….…many more choices…….other influences we believe work against it …sometime even letting a spiral of thin hope slip away from our attitude……

It should always take attention…..real management.  W/O over-managing

And to be successful, requires, as almost all real  capacities do, some supportive efforts in other areas, e. g.,  awareness of the intended “objectives”….. Some “planning/priority setting”, etc. Or luck, which is not a dependable support.

Of all the traits I know and want, this one blossoms best, in doing, rather than reading/ listening/hoping/guessing. Do those things too if possible but focus on learning your most effective use of time by doing

AND then add recording. And reviewing…against the clearer background of what might be left

A full commitment I believe……..

Make it part of your 2nd nature. Not demoted there…….but growing there!!

Think of it as an old friend, whom you need to revitalize again with. Constantly. Effortlessly.

In any leadership development effort appropriate time management should be hooked on everywhere….. in all other topics/speakers/ideas/articles……. not just taken for grated…made explicit but not dominant nor overpowering………

Again the ?…. “How much is enough”

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