Sep 10

In a blog, on 9/20/2019 entitled “Time [ or more explicitly “Its use”]”,I wrote some thoughts on this perspective….believing that the two are always linked…sometimes for some of us……..A LOT!! It’s worth the time/energy to review that. AND to bring into close integration with each other, many of the recent blogs, below…..Garry Kasparov’s book “Deep Thinking”……… the fundamentals of “Chess”………my own personal development plan…. I’ll briefly cover each to help cement in place, that base…… the main focus of much of my comments…………

Jul 22

As part of my current focus on this website, I’ve added a new section “Access”…….attempting to show how I’ve made available, an increasing amount of my materials, to select network members. Also will include plans to continuing expanding and updating. Plus providing a process of connecting to the other few who have that access. Please call or email me directly, if you’d benefit from that.

Sep 14

Always a struggle. Usually a tendency to change too much or too fast…to keep up with all the disrupting events, or new opportunities seemingly easily absorb-able in any organization. Poster 218 Geodesic Selection process [click here] is a framework for such consideration…Actually it’s an ongoing, every day management technique when running a LLF, since by design it shifts with the need and future of the actual participants. but in great moderation. AND I argue strongly, ONLY by a practiced, superbly alert, facilitator. Even these few facilitators must study the list, it’s implications, and the possible “magic” lost. Like
“Trust”, once lost, the “magic is very hard, perhaps impossible to regain!! Of the handful [ c. 4 of c. 250-300 I have run or helped run]. I have yet ever seen it “regained”. Only stopped. Thus the great care!!

Sep 05

Alan Alda’s new book [ yes, he’s from the  TV show M*A*S*H], “If I Understood You, Would I have this Book in my Face – My adventures in the Art & Science of Relating and Communicating” ...especially the part just italicized, is fundamental today for all existing  & aspiring I.T leaders. When he was acting [ now writing & teaching], he learned a lot about “Improv”,and shares that  professional journey, its deep impact and broad applicability, for us all to benefit from. I’m on my 2nd careful read! Its relevance is essential, and often missing, in our currently fast changing set of I.T roles.Brace yourself for tons of insight, from voices not heard much in our profession. I will incorporate this in my Leadership Learning Forum Process. It adds clarity to needed shifts in every I.T. organization I am aware of!!

Jul 26

A very crucial organizational theme, in mt mind. Comes from another book about leadership and change…..”The Art of Change Leadership: Driving Transformation in a Fast Paced world” Cheryl Cran 4.8 of 5 multiple ranking comments in Amazon. I’d strongly suggest getting it for your own reading/reference/making it come alive. I am. Am also recommending it, quoting it, discussing the full meaning of the book title, in it’s macro implications, especially in micro/specific situations with clients, and graduates of my Leadership Learning Forum programs [perhaps 300 or more such groups now!!]

May 27

Recently while establishing several new customized cycles of the Leadership Learning Forum Process, in specific organizational settings, the 8 selection processes/discussion points [Post 280] modating increasing requirements to adjust. Hopefully that will continue amidst all the disruption/competitive pressure abound today.

May 20

I just updated, actually changing very little, the full description of “My Work” as I head into my 85th year…doing more by phone,email or virtual arrangements, with clients I know well/who know me well!
Less Travel. Often more effective,!!
The basis for the 7th phase of my life!!!
Very fulfilling…. to all.

Dec 27

On Christmas am we were settled in to a beautiful evolving day….sunny, quiet, Cape gentle temperature…”when all of a sudden”,  a very high wind – dangerous level – branches flying off the trees into our windows….then a strong fast falling rain, turning to snow…..turning to a “White -out” blizzard….then power outage…………Gripping…… and then over in c. 25 minutes!!!Power back in 30 minutes. I thought it might be hours, minimum, given the date. Did it really happen?!?!? Was it just one rouge cloud?? Went for a happy walk as the day returned to its morning state. On the walk, icy snow pelts cascaded on us, but were also over by the time we reached home?!?!

Like some story of Norse Legendary Thunder-gods hurling lightning into Cape Cod’s gentle mother nature ways……

Been perfect since then….. we’ll all see what the new year brings………..

Dec 09

12/9………..light, but most of the day…on and off….a reminder of what’s possible , perhaps in store…Fall was wonderful. And long

Family, friends, clients, in Chicago and Buffalo, say they got a lot more!!

Brings back memories of younger days, frolicking in it. A great, general characteristic of snow here, rather than Chicago or Buffalo, is that it’s gone in a matter of hours…….days at most….

May these coming days be joyous, peaceful and fulfilling to you and yours!!

Nov 01

I always [perhaps  like many of us] assumed I understood and actually practiced thinking/being “strategic” in my leadership and management. Two client have been asked [ directed??] to be strategic, and we’ve been in conversations about what does that mean? what do/can others do? how does it mix in with operation or tactics that are soo pressing today.

A list: Post 445 Strategy Ponderables, developed  as we explored options. Likely to increase

Oct 28

I’ve been commenting on this giant set of topics, and writing a blog now and then…even two in a row now[ see below]

Seems appropriate in my network …a new poster linked in….”word-smithed” a bit……. almost all counsel today, personal and organization, @ the senior levels leads within an hour or two, leads to  some converging set of this list.

The list started as 12, grew to 15, then to 20……….it doesn’t matter what number you use today…it’s growing and impacting more work flows/people/products/teams…..needs to be understodd by many ……anticipated …and applied…continually…. they shapes the entire I.T. focus I believe, especially from the consumer/marketplace view…..

Will explore it directly with some of you

Post 444 Tech Trends

Aug 10

This 6th video, long with the previous 5 videos shown under “teaching videos/photos”[ click above],  of my office and what’s in it, manifests, I believe, how I’ve grown and changed, both professionally and personally over time. It’s the framework now, in this giving back phase, the 7th phase of my career, providing a flexible construct to share all my learning’s and experiences helping emerging leaders everywhere discover their own best way of developing others. Little by little I’m adding into the website, materials, documents, photos, quotes, ideas,  drawings, etc….whatever might seem useful in that crucial process, from 1983 on. Almost 35 years of intense focus!  I hope you can use it your own way, any way you like

Call to chat, or go deeper into any part, or more specifics, if you like

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