Apr 08

Post 40 Ring of Fire

Increasingly, perhaps reflecting generational shifts, this poster prompts an lively discussion these days. Older facilitators are more empathetic with its implied work ethic/habits. Younger leaders  often seem to have  been  pressured to seek  “short cuts” as the whole form of the art…not necessarily seeing “craft” focus/discipline as fundamental AND first. I certainly agree with Burgess’s view, but I know…admit!!…. to have been “short cut” oriented most of my life!!

Can one be both? What do you think??

Mar 27

Communication is always crucial…especially for those of us who are reasonably good @ it….or just take it for granted as an everyday process we do well enough. This poster [#28] (Post 28. Four Dimensions in communication) has been a favorite of Leadership Learning Forum discussions for years. Understanding and improving your versatility in “length” [time used], or in level[ i.e., height/distance of perspective], or the various  media[s] used, or pondering the sequence of how you learned this art, is absolutely fundamental in every leadership opportunity to produce the most effective “Magic”.

Actually this  one page set of ideas/practices is enough for an intense 1/2 day workshop on the process!…..Often takes longer to master the four views !!

Mar 11

As I proceed into this 13th year from this office, with only mandatory travel, and extensive use of  myriad electronic connections, I find long established relationships overcome distance and time easily. Actually they make the process more effective, efficient and fulfilling for all parties so engaged, and surely for me. I am completely into the 7th phase of my working career, collaborating, integrating, and anticipating with select very strong  partnership  arrangements. I’m focusing on helping others, in their fullest selves, develop on-going leadership capacities, in their own staffs. This is much more “future” oriented, on top of my huge experience base. There’s a huge calling for this interaction! We all should have started years ago!…..But “doing the work” seemed to get in the way for some of us. Now, leadership must be “Bolted to the Work!”, both getting done well, simultaneously. Well,…actually leadership needs to lead even in this coupling. You’ll find tons of insights, born of experience, on this website, the “Magic” so to speak, especially in the protected areas which require my approval for access.

Feb 24

Took a month off , using only my iPhone6  & iPad air, to stay connected, but not as intensely focused as usual. Interesting lessons for me!……and as signs of Spring occasionally show here on Cape Cod, I feel that traditional urge for new growth  & outreach… and critical review of lots of things I was doing, worrying about!! In a few days we will celebrate 13 full years in this wonderful location, and are looking forward to many more… even more happily and productively!!!

Jan 25

My website is back intact, and I will now re-focus on what is the intent of this 7th phase of my life!   Very happy to be back @ work @ that!!

Jan 06

Was forecast as 2 inches, raised to 5……actually pretty, but reminds one, why so many Cape Cod residents go south for 3 – 6months. The swans are indistinguishable from clumps of snow on our dammed-up river. Prompts memories of when I was very small, and relished  waking to a fresh white cover over everything!!.It’s usually gone here, within 24 hours or so! Which is lucky, ’cause Cape Cod is not so good as, say, Chicago, @ handling accumulated snow. But so far today it’s fun to watch…..and remember other joyful times…….so, as we edge into 2017, may this year bring you, and yours, enough Peace, Joy, Physical and Spiritual Stamina, for whatever future might evolve!!

Oct 31

From very young, I always loved the Fall. Maybe it’s Chicago’s best time…the “Indian Summer” weeks. In New England, it’s often a big deal for “Leaf
Peepers” to travel on back roads, around small towns, to enjoy the vibrant foliage. We just did that in the historic Hudson Valley for four days, not crowded…….spectacular warm, sunny days…history…. quaintness, surprises…actually bought many things on sale?!?!?…… and had marvelous meals, more happily served, & @ far less $ than Boston , or Chicago, or N.Y, city restaurants.

And came home to similar beauty/enjoyment/peace [photo on the left]!!. Nice to be away from keyboards, television, newspapers, urgency everywhere, and to bring some back to keep here!

img_1658 img_1679

Jun 29

In the 6/14 issue of SingulariyHUB [which I read regularly],- and in the CNBC interview which is clickable from it- they argue that the issue isn’t the amount/pace of change, [referenced below in my last several blogs]….. it’s that some or perhaps many of us are sluggish @making appropriate  USE of the opportunities arriving for us. It’s simply a matter of adapting, something that is altogether human, and which we have always done very well before…though perhaps not always comfortably, as it happened. Plus, it is too easy to be pessimistic before or during change, another very human trait, but the positive opportunities ARE there. So it’s up to each of us, individually and  as leaders, to choose how we respond, contributing to or helping how, others will!!

Profound, I believe!!

Jun 04

This is basically the title  of a new book by Kevin Kelly, available 6/7/16, by Viking

Well, I’ll get it and read carefully……. Kelly co-founded WIRED in 1993, was Executive Editor until 1999 and is still with them. He also was the publisher and editor of the Whole Earth Review. I’ve read his comments/articles before, and surely can’t avoid taking advantage of my picking 12 also, not knowing he had. He covers the set as deeper processes, not specific trends, but also believes they overlap and are codependent. I’m thinking this makes both discussion and sharing, mandatory, in my network. We’ll see……

Apr 05

Well ,with calls/emails and one comment on this system, it’s clear this list expands beyond most of our reading /learning habits in our current already full lives….but I’ve added two more anyway!



So it’s top twelve tech tides, for me @ least, just now. The latest copy of KurzweilAI 4/3/16, which I read with discipline, supports this “Avalanche” sense

Mar 03

Tomorrow, 12 years ago we arrived in both cars, jammed, ahead of the trailer , had a hard time fitting it all in! Actually we  are still throwing things out, on a consistent basis now. There’s just too much stuff. Simplifying seems  a better way to live. Love the Magic available here. Hope to be able to stay. The choice of home was solid, and it evolves better than we do sometimes. Bright sun, gentle Spring like day. Hopeful!!

Oct 30

Arizona  Center   400 e. Van Buren Street   Phoenix,  Arizona   85014

FREE    2/22-28-2016            <clowntownhealingfest.com>

Dr. Carl is a very long time friend, mentor, companion together on multiple journeys. For both Barbara and I. He is know to many of you via numerous, relevant/provocative presentations in my Leadership Learning Forums over the years. And for  SIM, the Society of Information Systems. In particular, in the Regional Leadership Forums [ RLF’s] which have highlighted his books, as well as his talks/tapes. This will be a fun, moving. important initial focus here in the States of work Dr. Carl, Dr. “Patch” Adams, and others have done in Peru and elsewhere for years. Don’t miss it!! email  [above]for their brochure and latest information. I’ve sent a personal testimonial, and a $ contribution. You could/should too!!

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