Dec 27
  • Sumo

On Christmas am we were settled in to a beautiful evolving day….sunny, quiet, Cape gentle temperature…”when all of a sudden”,  a very high wind – dangerous level – branches flying off the trees into our windows….then a strong fast falling rain, turning to snow…..turning to a “White -out” blizzard….then power outage…………Gripping…… and then over in c. 25 minutes!!!Power back in 30 minutes. I thought it might be hours, minimum, given the date. Did it really happen?!?!? Was it just one rouge cloud?? Went for a happy walk as the day returned to its morning state. On the walk, icy snow pelts cascaded on us, but were also over by the time we reached home?!?!

Like some story of Norse Legendary Thunder-gods hurling lightning into Cape Cod’s gentle mother nature ways……

Been perfect since then….. we’ll all see what the new year brings………..

2 Responses to “A Wondering about “Very Different weather Patterns””

  1. wberkowicz says:


    Happy New Year!


  2. Dick Dooley says:

    And to you. Hope all is as well as can be. It is here
    Enjoying working on my website….logging and organizing
    Stay welland stay in touch

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