Sep 26

For some many months I  have been lecturing on the extent of many [actually increasing] technology trends, most of those on the list were “Science Fiction” topics, just a short while  ago. This list is  used as a discussion basis in Leadership Learning forums –  Post 444 Tech Trends. The crucial implications referenced, are the intense tight convergence, the realization that some really aren’t technology trends, but ideas or processes, that they are changing, in real time, AND provoke at the same time a serious level of concern/planning, and also the naive view that this is a long ways off!! They’re the full brackground now for several major industries…..big Health Care, Higher Education , the Legal Profession, Banking, and Insurance, and on & on. And they represent a framework for everyone’s planning/security/disaster recovery efforts. Welcome to the dialoque. It will be with us for sometime. Those in our profession….Information technology Services….. who have wanted to be more important surely have that option now!

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  1. Walter Berkowicz says:


    Thanks for sharing. Agree that this is truly an amazing time to be alive.

    One topic I would like to add to Post 444 is “Quantum Computing”. The little time I have spent on this topic/technology has given me immense humility that I know next to nothing. New terms (“Probability Amplitude”), new math (searches will no longer take N/2 attempts but SQRT(N) attempts) require much learning and unlearning. Also, interesting to note the implications on other topics on the list: Blockchain. Blockchain relies on the computational difficulty that Quantum Computing makes obsolete. So, what is the new “half-life” of technology if that is true?


  2. Dick Dooley says:

    I’m trying some new passwords, and trying to learn -AGAIN?!?!?!
    Hope this note to you today, 6/30/”22, works ,and isn’t too far out of the possibly of our communicating. Please send a response if it’s not too difficult to do……
    Will try to send also to myself, and to .

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