Jun 16

A superb, fascinating,  short, article on one of many technology  advancements these days , that manifests the huge gap…which is increasing,  between those who are engaged with some of these trends, @the “edge”, so to speak, and much of the rest of the normal work force inhabitants, I run into each day……..including those in “technology”………Maybe they’re  in “technology” that’s fast becoming “old”…perhaps faster than ever in our lives before!

What’s possible, actually often being done somewhere now, begs for more discussion/planning/realistic creative review and thought, than most staff have the time/energy to give. One of my grandsons is in classes now, in college, covering advanced technologies……little known nor understood by many of us, that will form work assignments for him and his generation in the near future!!

The descriptive adjective “Disruptive “, as common as it is now, isn’t really being appropriately used often enough in my opinion.


Get it, and ponder!….no, study more and plan!!

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