SIM Boston Chapter Oral History

I was honored @ the 50th anniversary of the Society of Information Management [SIM], in Dallas Fort Worth, 4/11-13/2018. Of the 11  SIM founders, I was the “kid”, [that’s really why I’m the only one left!!] but was also the only one then with real $, time, and  staff. All the others were authors, government officials, full professors, etc., except my boss, who was also a founder, and simply said “Get this done”. So I ran SIM for three years in my budget with three very competent young female analysts, and he approved every thing we decided to do. Twenty five years later a program I designed and implemented in my own business [to help emerging leader understand who they might be/how/when], I re-designed  and started for SIM. It was SIM’s first program of leadership development, which they multiplied and still do today, now called Regional Leadership Forum [RLF]. There are c. 7 RLF’s in SIM Chapter areas, that produce the lion’s share of SIM revenue. Now very many of the Chapter and National leaders are graduates of that program. This 50th & 25th anniversary celebration in DFW, was generously and tastefully done, including two other long standing friends/collaborators, Bart Bolton and Darwin John, both of whom were basic in bringing The Society plus RLF, to it’s impactful position today!! Importantly ready for the challenges of the Future, all SIM members face, in every profession!!

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