Oct 23

In preparation for a 3rd cycle of my Leadership Learning Forum process, to be run internally in a client site, largely by themselves now, I unearthed three important books used in the process on some past occasions.

“Teach Your child to Think”  Edward de bono    0-670-83013-5……..plus “Systems Thinking”   J.  Gharajedaghi   978-0-12-385915-0 ….plus  “An Introduction to General Systems Thinking”    Gerald M Weinberg    0-932633-49-8

All powerful. One difficult [ the 2nd ]but extremely rewarding, as some difficult books are. AND…all are in greater need today than ever, because of  global  commoditization of technical devices/access, and easily obtainable or creatable software. But perhaps only for a few of the deeply dedicated leaders in our field . Likely not useful for the convenient or occasional visitor to Information technology as it is evolving today. Maybe just a brief outline or summary??? We  will try that!

Peruse all three. Use parts. Decide yourself, please. Let me know……

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