May 05

Thank you all for your comments about this new website. It is surely easier to change/update.

I plan to add in, now, two minute videos on each of the dozen topics I’m talking about @ Forums, or @ Client sites currently. That list is now posted under “Leadership”,  under  “A Dozen Topics”,  for your review, or suggestions!!

A Dozen Things I’m talking about with various clients. I have the “Spider sense”, that these are likely true to some extent in many locations. Not just I.T. oriented. Not in any order.   5-4-11 issue

•             The importance of process skills/perspective, as part of continual business based communication, & alignment.

•             Need for pervasive Mentoring, and leadership development, not only of “emerging leaders” but of the 2nd generation down

•             Horizontal collaboration & thoughtful communication, both internally & externally. This communication must be conversational/persuasive/relationship building & maintaining [i.e., small talk].

•             Outside connections /exchanges, non-competitive. Likely somewhat diverse. To learn. To plan better

•             Making tough decisions faster, with disciplined follow through, in a transparent manner. The use of time.

•             Clear & continual reality limits on “how much is enough”. In multiple dimensions     Communicated!!

•             Being able to “Drop your ‘Tools’ of Identity”. At least for a situation.  Maybe fundamentally.

•             Trust. Extensively worked. Divergent

*            Financial Acumen.  Continually spoken to, & acted upon, on the part of ALL  I.T. staff leaders

*          Security- In the fullest sense. Identified accountability

*      Leaving a Legacy –Why, When, What???

*    Internal Consulting. Part of I.T.’s responsibility

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