My Long Range Planning Summarized [now = 7th phase]


I’ve done these “Long Term” documents for some time. Essentially as part of Facilitating a  SIM Midwest  chapter Regional  Leadership Forum exercise, in 1994, to do a 10 year plan. I  chose to try doing a 30 year plan instead, but couldn’t put  it into words, even for weeks after the forum. I eventually tried painting it, which worked surprisingly well. A  early symbolic  representation of that painting in  the form of four icons,  i.e., summarized, is below.

This has been, over the years,  a very productive exercise, having sequentially been re-issued as a 25 year plan, then a 20 & a 15 year documents, then a 11 year plan,….And finally now, called my “7th Phase” of life, which is the existing overall plan for the rest of my life

Initially it was all professional or business focused, i.e., TDG, Inc. The current version attempts to “shape”  a  long, broad view of  activities and aspirations  for the rest of BOTH our personally estimated  life expectancies. It also now includes  my focus on a  form of  3 dimensional art I’m engaged in….. creating  various Inukshuks. A fifth icon! There are many in  my office, and in the hands of family, friends, & clients. I believe  this new art form reflects  a much deeper and more personal set of planning tracks. They are perhaps my form of the planning which many people do approaching retirement @ 65, and which I skipped  entirely. I have actually been doing this, my form of retirement, now in my 87th year, for some time as  a  version of full life planning, – Carefully, elegantly, productively, effectively, non-traditionally, with a substantial, approaching “total” reduction & shift from the organizational work formerly done in TDG, Inc. After a “glide down” there, over several years of  very successful, less absorbing activity , we shut down completely TDG, Inc. , on  12/31/2018. I am  continuing to do individualized executive coaching of graduates or sponsors of my many [c. 300+] past Leadership Learning Forums, as a sole proprietor. Especially with those who want to generate their own form of that “Magical” process.

I’ll do this now, via phone, electronic or virtual systems, along with, my more personal focus, more family focus, and more  interactions within my existing network.

The original four icons  below, were  useful reflections  of  these long range intentions, first expressed in 1994, and are so now, with the Inukshuks, in more detail  in my 7th Phase – I use these five icons to help summarize W/O losing meaning. They are in fact a good outline guide of my evolving web site.

I have set the Christmas  holidays 2021 as a good time to checkpoint these goals of mine. The  crucial words or phases below, are highlighted.

Be an effective Communicator – a “tower” or relay dish, both Transmitting and Receiving. For both of us!!
Be a Connecting Apparatus, or Bridge of meaning and value between opposite dimensions / ideas / attitudes/people in client sites… A Catalyst!…But only when needed
Find Tai Chi [Yin & Yang] for understanding, unity, motion & fluidity in all things, in all times. The full circle idea! Everywhere.
Build on my solid base of experience and wisdom which form a deep foundation for all  my chosen focus areas, integrated, in new creations, as  chosen.

If you’d like to know more about this ongoing quest of mine, and  are  ready to contribute your own version of personal long term thinking, please call or Email me for a dialogue.

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