Richard E. Dooley has provided personalized, unique, results producing counsel to leaders for 50 plus years, across multiple organizations and industries, often via a retainer relationship, or during implementation of his unique personal capacity and strategy process. A diverse and extensive network of select client leaders has been closely involved with him for many years. Dick, as an experienced catalyst, brings about a magical synergy with significant value for all.

Internal Organizational Forums

Many executive leaders in client organizations want to establish an internal customized process, within their own organization… one that can be done by their staff, on a self-sustaining basis, and adaptive to their changing
organizational challenges. I am uniquely qualified to help others find their own best way of utilizing this process on site. Usually it takes some months of planning and development, sometimes plus an initial amount of my co- facilitating to effectively architect and deploy such a process, embed it in their culture, for their specific needs. Individual staff members benefit (i.e. grow / learn / change) as well as the whole unit. This has been adapted and conducted on multiple sites.

Personal Capacity and Strategy Process

For those past graduates or clients, with senior level leadership potential or who are already in that role, and who want to continue growing and learning while expanding their current responsibilities, I still do a completely customized, more specific program. This likely includes a specialized meeting Arrangement & close guidance from me, plus the use of multiple and virtual Media to connect, with my mentoring them, and in turn, their mentoring of their crucial leaders. It also includes a clearly articulated set of objectives and processes, plus access to all my material via the protected areas on my website, with my continual commentary.

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