Master Booklist

This book list has evolved over the years of designing, generating, and implementing, perhaps c. 300 Forums of various kinds that I have run, or helped run, (internal clients for themselves, SIM/RLF’s, TDG/LLF’s).  It gets reviewed once or twice a year now.  There are still errors to be found  with  every new issue or update.                                                                                                                       CRITERIA FOR BOOK SELECTION/REPLACEMENT (See #218 in posters) -These same criteria should also be used for replacing articles, speakers, exercises, tours, activities, in any LL process:

  1. Does it integrate – does it fit with all the others in multiple ways?
  2. Is it currently relevant – now into the 21st  century i.e., present and near future?
  3. What is its contribution to participant’s breadth and growth – does it stretch, open us to new areas/dimensions, is it controversial in a constructive way?
  4. Does it have high probability of impact towards core objectives for many participants?
  5. Has it been recommended multiple times or has it worked in several separate sessions?
  6. Does it have high reference potential i.e., in the integrating/syn-topical effort (see relevant integrating themes #109, 162 in posters)?   Does it fit into the root system under the lily pad?
  7. The selection of any new element must consider the holistic set i.e., can more be added (i.e., load), or  is it good enough to replace something else? What?
  8. It must contain some core/generic/enduring truth. Will it be an anchoring experience for some?

KEY DISCUSSION POINTS for selection/replacement of all architectural elements [i.e., same as for a book change]:

  • Not just “it’s a good one”.
  • Most people don’t integrate, or even link as a work/leadership habit.  Creative, clever, repetition of the importance of this linkage between books is essential.
  • This “fit” is artful and more of a fundamental element of success than appears to be the case, initially, to most facilitators/participants.
  • It’s not a “committee” process.  Nor is it a new, or “start up” process for each new LLF.
  • Many effective LLF’s can be made up using of some different books or architectural elements, but they are never just a collage or montage, of personal favorites.

CODES                                                                                                                           ***  R.E.Dooley  “core” and integrating books -23- [ #290]

**   Should  be  included if possible -31                                                            These two groups together form the CURRENT  TDG Inc. Leadership Series  CORE SET, of  54 books

*    Has been used successfully



O    Hard to get/Maybe out of print

S    Summary available


INTEGRATING  1-25     CORE BOOKS 26-75    BEEN USED SUCCESSFULLY 76–400 ALTERNATIVE LITERATURE (including Children’s) 401-500                                                                                                                                                                Some books belong in several categories

1.*** How to Read a Book, Mortimer J. Adler & Charles Van Doren ISBN 0-671-21209-5
SA2.*** Principle Centered Leadership, Steven R. Covey ISBN 0671-79280-6
S3.*** The New State of the World Atlas, 4th Edition, Michael Kidron & Ronald Segal ISBN 0-14-025204-5
O4. *** The Management of Time, James T. McCay ISBN 0135488915
SA5.*** The Pearl, John Steinbeck ISBN 0-140-17737-X
S6*** Leadership and the New Science, Margaret J. Wheatley ISBN 1576751198
OS7.*** The Lessons of Experience, McCall, Lombardo & Morrison ISBN 0-669-18095-5
A8.*** Healing and the Mind, Bill Moyers ISBN 0385476876
9.*** Two Old Women – An Alaska Legend of Betrayal, Courage and Survival, Velma Wallis ISBN 0060975849
SA10. *** The Fifth Discipline, Peter Senge ISBN 0385260954
SA11.*** The Education of Little Tree, Forrest Carter ISBN 0-8263-0879-1
SA12.*** Leadership Is An Art, Max DePree ISBN 0-440-50324-8
O13.*** Magic Eye – A New Way of Looking at the World, N.E. Thing Enterprises ISBN  0836270444
S14.*** The Nibble Theory & The Kernel of Power, Kaleel Jamison ISBN 0-8091-2621-4
SA15.*** The Art of War,  Sun Tzu – translated by Thomas Cipary ISBN 0-87773-452-6
16.*** Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl  ISBN 0671023373
17.** As a Man Thinketh, James Allen ISBN 0-89471-714-6
S18.*** The Leadership Moment, Michael Useem ISBN 0-8129-2935-7
19.** Endurance – Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage, Alfred Lansing  ISBN 0785708425
20.*** The Theft Of The Spirit, Dr. Carl Hammerschlag ISBN 0-671-780239
SA/V26** Zapp – The Lightning of Empowerment, William C. Byham ISBN 0447002829
OS27.** The Path of the Everyday Hero, Tarcher, Lorna Catford & Michael Ray ISBN 0-87477-630-9
28.** You Don’t Have to Go Home from Work Exhausted – The Energy Engineering Approach, Ann McGee-Cooper  ISBN 0-553-37061-8
29.** Compact Classics Volume 1 – Book Summaries of the Classics ISBN  188018401X
OS30.** Future Edge. Joel Arthur Baker ISBN 0-688-10936-5
OS31.** Control Your Destiny or Someone Else Will, Tichy & Sherman ISBN 0-88730-670-5
32.** The Lilies of the Field, William E. Barrett ISBN 0-446-31500-1
33.** The Wisdom of Teams, Katzenback & Smith ISBN 0-88730-676-4
O34.*** Seven Ways of Knowing – Teaching for Multiple Intelligences, David Lazear ISBN 0-932935-39-7
35.** Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman ISBN 0553375067
A36. ** Leadership Jazz, Max DePree ISBN 0-440-50518-6
O37.** Typetalk, Kroeger & Thiesen  ISBN 0-385-298285
38.** Ishmael, Daniel Quinn ISBN 0553375407
S39.** The Age of Unreason, Charles Handy ISBN 0875843018
40.** The Heart Aroused, David Whyte ISBN 0385484186
O41.** Leaders, Fools, and Imposters, Manfred Kets de Vries ISBN 1-55542-562-3
42.** The Prince, Machiavelli ISBN 0553212788
43.** Oh, The Places You’ll Go!, Dr. Seuss
– The great balancing act – life itself and the ups and downs it presents
ISBN 0-679-80527-3
O44.** Five Great Dialogues, Plato
45.** The Little Book of Juggling, Richard Dingman ISBN 1-56138-419-4
S46.** The Leaders Companion, Insights on Leadership Through the Ages, J. Thomas Wren ISBN 0028740912
47.** The Killer Angels, Michael Shaara ISBN 0-345-40727-X
S48.** Certain Trumpets, The Nature of Leadership, Garry Wills ISBN0-684-80138-8
49** The Art of the Long View, Peter Schwartz ISBN 0-385-26732-0
50** Getting to Yes, Roger Fisher, William Dry & Bruce Patton ISBN 0140157362
51.** Leadership Without Easy Answers, Ronald E. Heifetz ISBN 0-674-51858-6
S52** Beyond Certainty – The Changino Worlds of Organizations, Charles Handy ISBN 0-8758-4763-3
53.** Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change, William Bridges ISBN 0-201-55073-3
54.** Blur, Christopher Meyer and Stan Davis ISBN 0446675334
55.** Synchronicity – The Inner Path of Leadership, Joseph Jaworski ISBN 1-881052-94-X
56.** The Lexus and the Olive Tree – Understanding Globalization, Thomas L. Friedman  ISBN 0385499345
III. BOOKS THAT HAVE BEEN USED SUCCESSFULLY in  Some Forum (i.e., when judged against the eight criteria in A).
S76.* Close to the Customer, James H. Donnelly ISBN 1-55623-569-0
77.* Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award Criteria 1996 – NIST(301/975-2036) or ASQC (800/248-1946)
78.* Thinkertoys; A Handbook of Business Creativity for the ’90s, Michael Michalko  ISBN 0-89815-408-1
79.* Maverick, Ricardo Semler ISBN 0-446-67055-3
80.* Open to Question – The Art of Teaching and Learning by Inquiry, Walter L. Bateman ISBN 1-55542-268-3
81* The Fourth Wave – Business in the 21″ Century, Maynard & Mehrtens ISBN 1-57675-002-7
82* The Road Ahead, Bill Gates ISBN 0-140-26040-4
S83* The Smart Manager’s Book of Lists – A Collection of Management Wisdom, Bill Keddin, Lake Publishing ISBN 0-8224-4459-3
84* The Articulate Executive, Improving Written, Interpersonal, and Group Communication, Harvard Business Review 1    ISBN 0-87584-433-2
85* 2020 Vision, Stan Davis & Bill Davidson ISBN 0-671-73237-4
S86* The Adventures of a Self Managing Team, Mark Kelly ISBN 1-882133-02-1
S87* Mavericks, Donald W. Blohowiak ISBN 1-55623-624-7
S88* Non-Manipulative Selling, Alessandra, Wexler & Barrera ISBN 06-7176448-9
89.* Technopoly, Neil Postman ISBN 0679745408
90* Managing with Power, Jeffrey Pfeffer ISBN 0-87584-440-5
91.*-. The Elements of Style, William Strunie, J.R. & E.B. White, MacMillan ISBN 0-02-4182206
A92* The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook, Senge et al ISBN 0385260954
A93* The Chalice & the Blade, Riane Eisler ISBN 0-06-250289-1
94* Creativity and Innovation in Information Systems Organizations, J. Daniel Couger
ISBN 0-7895-0109-0
95* Understanding Organizations, Fourth Edition, Charles Handy ISBN 0195087321
96* Built to Last, James C. Collins & Jerry 1. Porras
S97.* Workforce 2000, U.S. Department of Labor NO ISBN (Order from U.S. Department of Labor or Hudson Institute)
98.* Competing for the Future, Hamel & Prahalad
A99.* A Whack on the Side of the Head, Warner Books, Roger von Oech ISBN 0446391581/0446778087
A100.* Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus, John Gray, Ph.D. ISBN 0-06-016848-X
A101. * Marketing Warfare, Reis & Trout ISBN 0-452-25861-8
102.* Body Language, Julius Fast ISBN 0671673254
103* What Really Matters, Searching For Wisdom In America, Tony Schwartz ISBN 0-553-09398-3
104.* Instructions to the Cook – A Zen Master’s Lessons in Living a Life That Matters, Bernard Glassman & Rick Fields ISBN  0-517-70377-7
105.* Healing Ceremonies, Carl A. Hammerschalg ISBN 0-399-52358-8
106.* Black Elk Speaks, John G. Neihardt (Flaming Rainbow) ISBN 0-8032-8359-8
S107.* A Force for Change, John Kotter
108.* High-Velocity Culture Change, Pritchett & Pound
109.* Global Paradox:  The Bigger the World Economy, The More Powerful Its Small Players, John Naisbitt ISBN 0-688-12791-6
A110.* That’s Not What I Meant!  How Conversational Style Makes or Breaks Relationships, Deborah Tannen ISBN 0-345-34090-6
S111.* Learning a Living, A SCANS Report for America 2000 – U.S. Department of Labor – Sec. Comm. on Achieving Necessary Skills (800/788-SKILL)
112.* Kaizen – The Key to Japan’s Competitive Success, Masaaki Imai ISBN 0-07-554332-X
113.* Toward an Information Bill of Rights and Responsibilities, The Aspen Institute ISBN 0-89843-172-7
A114.* You Just Don’t Understand, Deborah Tannen ISBN 0-345-37205-0
115.* The Age of Paradox, Charles Handy ISBN 0-87584-425-1
116.* Skills for Success, Soundview Editorial Staff, Executive Book Summaries
A117.* Chaos, James Gleick ISBN 0140092501
118.* The Transformational Leader, Noel Tichey & Mary Ann DaVanna ISBN 0471623342
119.* Frames of Mind, Howard Gardner ISBN 0465025102
A120.* The Japan That Could Say No, Shinatro Ishihara, Simon & Schuster ISBN 0671758536
A121.* The Memory Jogger Plus +, Michael Brassward ISBN 1879364026
A122.* Managing for the Future, the 1990’s and Beyond, Peter Drucker ISBN 0-525-93414-6
123.* The Team Handbook, Peter R. Scholtes ISBN 0962226408
A124.* Power!  How to get it, How to use it, Michael Korda ISBN 0-345-346-327
A125.* The Relaxation Response, Herbert Benson, M.D. ISBN 0880006766
126.* The Third Wave, Alvin Toffler ISBN 0-553-24415-9
127.* Mentoring at Work – Developmental Relationships in Organizational Life, Kathy E. Kram ISBN 0-819-6755-X
128.* Blue Magic, James Chyrosky & Ted Leonsis ISBN 0-8160-1391-8
A129.* Do What You Love – The Money Will Follow, Marsha Sinetar ISBN 0440501601
130.* Future Perfect, Stanley M. Davis ISBN 0201517930
A131.* The Secrets of Consulting – A Guide to Giving & Getting Advise Successfully, Gerald M. Weinberg ISBN 0-932633-01-3
132.* Leaders – The Strategies for Taking Charge, Warren Bennis & Burt Nanus ISBN 0060913363
133.* Understanding Europeans, Stuart Miller ISBN 0945465777
A134.* Please Understand Me – Character & Temperment Types, Keirsey & Bates ISBN 0960695400
135.* How to Manage Your Boss, Christopher Hegarty with Philip Goldberg ISBN 0-89256-142-4
136.* The Plateauing Trap – How to Avoid It, In Your Career, and Your Life, Judith M. Bardwick ISBN 0814458718
137.* No Contest, The Case Against Competition, Alfie Kohn ISBN 0395631254
138.* The Deming Management Method, Mary Walten ISBN 0399-550011
139.* The Nine Nations of North America, Joel Garreau ISBN 0380578859
140.* Corporate Cultures, Deal and Kennedy ISBN 0-201-10287-0
A141.* Megatrends 2000, Naisbitt and Aburdene ISBN 0446329223/0880704374
A142.* The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R. Covey ISBN 0671708635
A143.* The Soul of a New Machine, Tracy Kidder ISBN 03807115X
A144.* Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Richard Bach ISBN 0380012863
A145.* The Dancing Wu Li Masters, Gary Zukav ISBN 0688084028
146.* The Information Mosaic, Sharon M. McKinnon and William J. Bruns, Jr. ISBN 0-87584-317-4
147*. On Becoming a Leader, Warren Bennis, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1989 ISBN 0201409291
148.* The Power of Followership:  How to Create Leaders People Want to Follow and Followers Who Lead Themselves, Robert Kelley, Doubleday-Currency, 1992 ISBN 0385413068
149.* Fifth Generation Management, Charles M. Savage ISBN 0-13-309428-6
150.* Hero Z – Empower Yourself, Your Coworkers, Your Company, William C. Byham, Ph.D. & Jeff Cox ISBN 0-517-59860-4
151.* How to Improve Your Memory, James D. Weinland ISBN 0-06-097038
152.* The Executive Deskbook, Auren Uris Library of Congress Cat. -75-111966 ISBN 0-44-28798-9
153.* Information Anxiety, Richard Saul Wurman ISBN 0-385-24394-4
154.* Humor Power – How to Get It, Give It, and Gain, Herb True ISBN 0-385-14618-3
155.* Transformation, J.G. Bennett ISBN 0-934254-04-4
156.* The Sense of Wonder, Rachel Carson – The Nature Company, The Yolla Bolly Press, Covelo, California ISBN 0060914505
157.* Career Veer – How To Position Yourself for a Prosperous Future, Willia, C. Houze ISBN 0-07-030482-3
158.* American Renaissance – Our Life at the Turn of the 21st Century, Marvin Cetron & Owen Davies ISBN 0-312-05050-X
159.* Fumbling the Future – How Xerox Invented Then Ignored the First Personal Computer, Smith & Alexander ISBN 0-688-09511-9
160.* The Northbound Train, Karl Albrecht ISBN 0-8144-0233-X
161.* Influence Without Authority, Cohen & Bradford ISBN 0-471-54894-4
162.* The Nine American Lifestyles, Arnold Mitchell ISBN 0-02-585310-4
163.* An Invented Life – Reflections on Leadership and Change, Warren Bennis ISBN 0-201-62714-0
A164.* The Tao of Pooh, Benjamin Hoff ISBN 0-14-006747-7
A165.* Tao Te Ching, Lao Tse ISBN 0-679-72434-6
A166.* The Goal, Eliyahu Goldratt ISBN 0-88427-061-0
167.* Never Confuse a Memo With Reality, Richard Moran ISBN 0-88730-669-1
168.* Toyota Production System, Yasuhiro Monden ISBN 0-898016-126-6
169.* The Machine That Changed the World – The Story of Lean Production, Womack, Jones, Roos ISBN 0-07-554332-X
170.* TECHNOTRENDS – How to Use Technology to Go Beyond Your Competition, Daniel Burrus ISBN 0887307000
171.* Mary Parker Follett – Prophet of Management, A Celebration of Writings from the 1920s, Edited by Pauline Graham ISBN 0875845630
A172.* First Things First, Stephen R. Covey ISBN 0684802031
A173.* The Bridges of Madison County, Robert James Waller ISBN 0-446-51652-X
174.* How to Motivate People – The Team Strategy for Success, Fran Tarkenton ISBN 0-06-15543-4
175.* The Heart of Business – Ethics, Power & Philosophy, Peter Koestenbaum ISBN 0-933071-15-9
176.* A Brief History of Time, Stephen Hawkings
177.* Lincoln on Leadership, Phillips ISBN 0-446-39459-9
178.* The Paradox Principles, Bill Dauphinais and Paul Pederson ISBN 0-7863-0499-5
179.* The Balanced Scorecard, Kaplan & Norton ISBN 0-87584-651-3
180.* The Open Mind, Dawna Markova ISBN 1-57324-064-8
181.* The Gutenberg Elegies, Sven Birkerts ISBN 0-449-91009-1
182.* Leading Minds:  An Anatomy of Leadership, Howard Gardner with Emma Laskin
183.* The Living Company, Arie de Geus
184.* The Boundaryless Organization, ISBN 0-878424-11-4
185.* The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Deeprak Chopra ISBN 1-878424-11-4
186.* Artful Work, Dick Richards ISBN 1-881052-63-X
187.* Conceptual Blockbusting, Third Edition, Addison Wesley, by James L. Adams ISBN 0201100894/0318602016
A188.* A Kick in the Seat of the Pants, Perennial Library, by Roger Von Oech ISBN 0060960248
189.* Lateral Thinking, Harper & Row, by Edward de Bono ISBN 0060903252
190.* Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, Jeremy P. Archer, by Betty Edwards ISBN 0874775132
191.* The Care and Feeding of Ideas – A Guide to Encouraging Creativity, James L. Adams ISBN 0201100878
192.* New Think – Basic, Edward de Bono ISBN 0-380-01426-2
A193.* One Minute for Myself, Spencer Johnson, M.D. ISBN 0-380-70308-4
194.* First You Have to Row a Little Boat, Richard Bode ISBN 0-446-67003-0
195.* Silicon Snake Oil, Clifford Stoll ISBN 03854199545
196.* Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff … and it’s all small stuff, Richard Carlson, M.D. ISBN 0786881852
197.* What Did You Say, Seashore and Weinberg ISBN 0-924771-33-X
198.* The Great White Lie, Walt Bogdancek ISBN 0-671-68452-3
199.* An Unused Intelligence, Dawna Markova ISBN 0-943233-976
200.* The Tao of Time, Hunt & Hall ISBN 0-671-73411-3
201.* What Are Your Goals, Gary Ryan Blair ISBN 1-56912-096-X
202.* My Ishmael, Daniel Quinn
203.* A Handbook of Living Religions, Edited by John R. Himmells ISBN 0-14-013599-5
A204.* Bible
205.* Book of Mormon
A/V206.* The Velveteen Rabbit, Margery Williams  ISBN 0-385-07725-4
207.* The Giving Tree, Shel Silverstein
ISBN 0-06-025665-6
A/V208.* The Little Engine That Could, Watty Piper
ISBN 0-448-40520-2
209.* The Bhagavad Gita, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
210.* Tai Chi Classics, Waysun Liao ISBN 0-87773-531-X
211.* On Man in the Universe, Aristotle
212.* Book One of the Belgarian Pawn of Prophecy, David Eddings ISBN 0-345-33551-1
213.* Orbiting the Giant Hairball, A Corporate Fool’s Guide to Surviving With Grace, Gordon MacKenzie ISBN 0-670-87983-5
214.* High Output Management, Andrew S. Grove ISBN 0-394-72827-0
215.* Odyssey:  Pepsi to Applie, Scully with Byrne ISBN 0-06-091527-7
216.* In the Age of the Smart Machine:  The Future of Work & Power – Basic Books, Shoshana Zuboff ISBN 0-465-03211-7
A217.* The Road Less Traveled, M. Scott Peck ISBN 0-671-25067-1
218.* The Rubaiyat of Omar Khazzan, ISBN 0-14-600095-1
219.* The Gift of the Magi and Other Stories, O. Henry ISBN 0-48-627061-0
220.* The Discipline of Market Leaders – NOW EXPANDED, Michael Treacy and Fred Wierman ISBN 0-201-40719-1
221.* Beyond Reengineering, Michael Hammer ISBN 0-88730-729-9
222.* The Leadership Engine, Noel Tichy ISBN 0-88730-793-0
223.* Working With Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman ISBN 0553378589
224.* Customer Service, Fred Wiersema ISBN 0-88730-772-8
225.* The Man Who Would Not Be Defeated, W. Mitchell ISBN 1-56796-026-X
226.* Five-Star Leadership – The Art and Strategy of Creating Leaders at Every Level, Townsend & Gebhardt ISBN 0-471-01288-2
S227.* Intelligence Reframed – Multiple Intelligences for the 21st Century, Howard Gardner  ISBN 0-465-02610-9
228.* Standing for Something, Gordon B. Hinckley   ISBN 0609807250
229.* The Roaring 2000’s, Harry S. Dent Jr.   ISBN 0-684-85310-8
230.* The Work of Nations, Robert Reich  ISBN 0-679-73615-8
S231.* Paradigms, Joel Arthur Barker  ISBN 0-88730-647-0
232.* The Attention Economy – Understanding the New Currency of Business, Thomas H. Davenport  ISBN  1-57851-441-X
233.* Consultative Selling – The Hanan Formula for High-Margin Sales at High Levels, Mark Hanan  ISBN 0-8144-0503-7
234.* The Social Life of Information, Brown & Duguid  ISBN 0-87584-762-5
235.* Blown to Bits – How the New Economics of Information Transforms Strategy, Evans & Wurstel  ISBN 0-87-584-877-X
236.* How High Impact Leaders Communicate – Powerful Conversations, Phil Harkins  ISBN 0-07-135321-6
237.* The Cluetrain Manifesto – the End of Business as Usual, Lewis, Locke, Searls, Weinberger  ISBN 0-7382-0431-5
238.* Leading the Revolution, Gary Hamel  ISBN 1-57851-189-5
239.* What to Do When it Rains, Vol. 1:  A Handbook for Leaders in Crisis, Toni Lynn Chinoy  ISBN  1-929910-03-7
S240.* Crossing the Chasm – Marketing and Selling High-Tech Products to Mainstream Customers, Geoffrey A. Moore  ISBN 0-06-662002-3
241.* Dr, Deming, Rafael Aguayo  ISBN 0-671-74621-9
242.* Inside the Tornado, Geoffrey A. Moore  ISBN 0-88730-824-4
243.* The Employers Legal Handbook, Steingold
244.* Total Customer Service – The Ultimate Weapon, William H. Davidow & Bro Utal  ISBN  0-06-092009-2
245.* Agile Competitors and Virtual Organizations, Steven L. Goldman, Roger N. Nagel, Kenneth Preiss  ISBN 0-442-01903-3
246.* Birth of the Chaordic Age, Dee Hock  ISBN 1-57675-074-4
247.* Who Moved My Cheese?  An Amazing Way to Deal With Change in Your Work and in Your Life, Spencer Johnson  ISBN 0399144463
248.* The Manager’s Pocket Guide to Generation X, Bruce Tulgan  ISBN 0-87425-418-3
249.** Teach Your Child How to Think, Edward de Bono ISBN 0-14-023830-1
A250.** The Celestine Prophecy, James Redfield ISBN 0446671002
251.** Moments of Truth, Jan Carlzon ISBN 0-88730-200-9
252.** Mutant Message Down Under, Marlo Morgan ISBN 0-06-092631-7
253.* Transitions, William Bridges ISBN 0-201550733
O254.* Leadership:  The Inner Side of Greatness – A Philosophy for Leaders, Peter Koestenbaum ISBN 1-55542-218-7
255.* About Learning, McCarthy ISBN 0-9608992-6-X
A/V256.* The Little Prince, Antoine De Saint Exupery – – Friendship (networking)  ISBN 0156012197
A257.* Stone Soup, Marcia Brown – Create something from nothing; group to add to the creation  ISBN 0-684-92296-7
S258.* The Dancing Healers, Dr. Carl Hammerschlag ISBN 0-06-250395-2
259.** Managing at the Speed of Change, Daryl R. Connor ISBN 0-679-40684-0
260.** The HP Way – How Bill Hewlett and I Built Our Company, David Packard ISBN 0887308171
261.** Topgrading, Bradford Smart ISBN 0-7352-0049-1
262.** Tuesdays with Morrie, Mitch Albom ISBN 0-385-48451-8
263.** The Innovator’s Dilemma, Clayton Christensen ISBN 0066620694
264.** Stress for Success, James A. Loehr   ISBN 0812930098
265.* Competitive Advantage Through People, Jeffrey Pfeffer ISBN 0-87584-413-8
A266.* Six Thinking Hats, Edward de Bono ISBN 0316177911
267.* Results-Based Leadership, Dave Ulrich, Jack Zenger & Norm Smallwood ISBN 0-87584-871-0
268.* Measure Up! How to Measure Corporate Performance (second edition), Richard L. Lynch & Kelvin Cross ISBN 1-55786-718-6
269.* Smart Business, Dr. Jim Botkin  ISBN 0-684-85024-9
270.* Guide to the Battle of Gettysburg, Jay Luvaas & Harold W. Nelson  ISBN 0-7006-0686-6
271.* Billy Budd, Herman Melville  ISBN 0-671-73144-0
IV. Useful (Referenced or used in part.)
301. The Tao of Power, Leo Tzu’s Classic Guide to Leadership, Influence & Excellence, R.L. Wing ISBN 0-385-19637-7
A302. How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk, Faber & Mazlist ISBN 0-380-57000-9
303. What America Does Right, Robert H. Waterman ISBN 0452273765
304. Quality is Personal – A Foundation for Total Quality Management, Harry V. Roberts, Bernard F. Sergesketter ISBN 0029266254
A305. Quality is Free, Philip Crosby ISBN 0451625854
306. Appraising Performance Appraisal, Harvard Business Review, Reprint Series ISBN 0071033297/0875842690
307. 1999 The World of Tomorrow, Selections from the Futurist ISBN 0930545041
A308. Parkinsons Law, C. Northcote Parkinson ISBN 0345-300645
309. The Peter Principle, Dr. Laurence J. Peter ISBN 0-553-24415-9
310. Games People Play, Eric Berne, M.D. ISBN 0345-327195
A311. I’m Okay, You’re Okay, Thomas Harris ISBN 038000772-X
312. In Search of Excellence:  Lessons from America’s Best Run Companies, Peters & Waterman ISBN 0446385077
313. Education for Judgment – The Artistry of Discussion Leadership, Harvard Business School ISBN 0875842550
314. Service America – Doing Business in the New Economy, Karl Albrecht & Ron Zeinke ISBN 0-87094-659-5
315. Servant Leadership – A Journey into the Nature of Legitimate Power and Greatness, Robert K. Greenleaf ISBN 0-8091-2527-7
316. Team Building – Blueprints for Productivity and Satisfaction, W. Brendan Reddy & Kaleel Jamison ISBN 9061039256
A317. The Change Masters – Innovations & Entrepreneurship in the American Corporation, Rosabeth Moss Kanter ISBN 0671528009
318. Managers in the Middle, Harvard Business Review ISBN 0875842704/0071033300
319. Discovering Free Will and Personal Responsibility, Joseph F. Rychlak ISBN 0-19-502687X
320. Becoming a Technical Leader, Gerald Weinberg ISBN 0932633021
321. American Samurai, William Lareau ISBN 0-446-393606
322. An Information Systems Manifesto, James Martin ISBN 0134647696
A323. Further Up the Organization, Rob Townsend ISBN 006-0971363
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V. ALTERNATIVE LITERATURE (Including Children’s)
401. Koran
402. Talmud
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404. How the Children Stopped the Wars, Jan Wahl
– A tale about believing that one person can make a difference
ISBN 1-883672-007
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407. The Teachings of Buddha
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