These may seem like too many themes to some. However we strongly believe all are highly available there in the Museum, on the grounds, @ Cantigny. It’s our chore to highlight them for you.

And it’s your responsibility to seek them. The learning is there already!!

1. Leadership Performance in Different Roles, over Time. We will key on Robert McCormick who succeeded as war correspondent, military leader, business executive and philanthropist. We will also consider Clarence Huebner—a battalion commander in the First Division in World War I, and William DePuy—a company commander in the 90th Division in World War II who commanded the First Division in Vietnam. In every case we can ask: How does one do this? Why don’t more? What’s required? How can we go from these examples to our own transformational growth requirements? How can we teach what we learn about this to others who will lead in the future?

2. Technology Changes Facilitate Organizational Change and Leadership Change. The First Division excelled repeatedly in the midst of huge technology shifts and over many years. Organizational structure was modified and leadership approaches were adjusted. Why was it successful? How? What are potential lessons for us? For those we seek to develop?

3. Leaders Imparting A Legacy. Everything we see at Cantigny is part of the Robert McCormick legacy. We doubt whether anyone attending this Forum can match his gift, but all of us will leave legacies as leaders. Should this be an explicit effort? What other material form might a legacy take? What are some of the exemplary legacies that may have little material content? What are the most dangerous threats to your potential legacy?

4. Developing Leadership Capacity in Many Others, Internally. Much of this forum’s focus will be speakers sharing their own efforts @ developing leaders, internally, and striving to make that self-sustaining. Just as the army must, over time, which is vivid here. We are all open the learning here in the context & history of Robert McCormick, and the First Division.

5. Simultaneously Developing a 2nd Generation [i.e. younger] of Future Leaders, internally, now. Many of us believe that there is today, a compelling need to start leadership development, earlier and lower in most organizations. We plan therefore to ask into this Forum, some selected few, representing this expanded view. No guarantees, nor promises. Just earlier focus & hope, and a commitment to include this view in the self-sustaining focus of #4 above.

6. Five Other Transportable Themes.  = Time compression – Collaboration across Functional Lines – Integrating Public Opinion, Strategies, Tactics, & Politics – Diversity – Transparency and managing the “news”.

6-24-12 Richard E. Dooley

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