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There is a search function in the upper right hand corner of the first page. Use the bar there for searching my materials. It searches in the document titles only. And only in the section you’re in, not all sections of the website. This is especially useful with the posters [under “Magic”]…. there are so many. And I generated them somewhat randomly, and not always well entitled, as I needed them over many years.

Below are listed a set of words/phases that represent “clusters of posters”. I’m in the process of making sure each poster has the appropriate “searchable” word or phrase in it. This will take some more months….years??….but it’s much better than my previous younger, memory was.

Essay bio – Trust – Communication -Basic business – Facilitate – Corporate – Things I see –      Pilot –

Presentation – Feedback – Asking – Production – If you don’t – Themes  – Lessons from Tai chi –

“Magic” – Capacities – Reconnect – Habits – Criticism – Read – Integrate – Develop – Quotes – Orientation


You can of course use any words or phrase you like. Or email/call me to find out what might be there, somewhere?

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