Sample “Top Charts”

Here are six “Top Charts” from one client organization…separate cycles of basically the same  program, i.e., their version of the Leadership Learning Forum Process, which I helped design/execute , called TPL[ Transitional Leadership Program]. They were done roughly, yearly. Each reflects the organization culture/purpose, with some shifts in detail .The main value is to see, perhaps ponder, all @ once, the basic elements  of this program….. which stay the same, which change, and what’s often repeated.

Such a “Top chart” is always useful for sponsors, for speakers, and for facilitators, to adjust from one cycle to another. It helps participants initially begin to comprehend the accumulated potential power of their work/interaction .

This holistic view suggests the time it takes  to arrange  for the carefully designed possible interaction, of the chosen books, the scheduled speakers, the intended topics, and the over-riding themes, plus planned exercises, and the consistent need for each participant to allow for homework/study throughout the entire program. It also  shows the spaced out dates and occasional location changes. This provides enough “Scaffolding” for  all to plan, then execute, and actively adjust on the fly as deemed necessary. The creation and timing of continual content and tone improvisation, by facilitators, while, of course ,not reflected in any “Top Chart’, is helped by deeply understanding the architecture of each Forum. Especially when there are suggested or required  organizational or marketplace changes.

Obviously what lies underneath, or behind these Top Charts is crucial. And takes many weeks/months to manage/generate/reconstruct. The issue number of such charts often reflects both the extensive planning and adjustment that goes on, i.e., it’s often re-issued > 20 times!!  The four cycles shown here are deeply individually customized in execution, but appear “new” or slightly different, and have a highly similar impact on participants. Studying four sequencial sessions helps understand the multiple options available within a tightly controlled framework.

TLP 2013 Curriculum

TLP 2014 Curriculum

TLP 2015 Curriculum

TLP 2016 Curriculum

TLP 2017 Curriculum – Session 1

TLP 2017 Curriculum – Session 2




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