Forum Cartoons

Humor is a very powerful teaching platform. Cartoons have been used quite effectively to set the tone or framework for an forum agenda item, or to cut to the core of a topic/book. Xerox’s Information services organization, in concert  with their Human Resources function conducted 6 superb internal Leadership Learning Forums which I facilitated. Some of the many cartoons they used are included as examples of humor a s a part of LLF. The one on Steinbeck’s “The Pearl” below, is a classic. Putting one up @ break, or during lunch, or as people come in and get settled to begin the day, always grabs a moment of attention. It can be a very effective “shaping” tool for the lead facilitator. I’ll revolve these now and then from other clients, as prompts for any Forum planner. Cartoons are only one set of many equally effective visual groupings, to help set the tone/direction of a Forum session.

On LinkedIn there’s been a useful discussion on the use of humor/fun in LLF’s. It’s in the LLF Leadership LinkedIn Discussion Group. July 2015. Join in even now.

There are many more cartoons in my files,  but they are everywhere!

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Most forum participants feel, at first, there

is way too much to read. Usually not afterwards

This is a discussion topic often set up by the facilitator, especially about  the use of time1

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