1. To build on the unique power & impact the Forum process has had, over 25 years, on thousands of individuals & groups who attended or work together. This impact is strongly remembered and can easily be re-energize
  2. Focus on providing inexpensive and convenient Executive Coaching to the Forum graduate community.
  3. Respond to the current intense organizational focus on minimum travel, & less time away from job and home.
  4. Allow my continued engagement without my personal travel, in self-sustaining client internal Forums
  5. Provide a highly personalized, intense introduction for newcomers to the Forum process, its deep value & potential.
  6. Update and make available most of my materials. Current sessions may be recorded & stored, as much as possible, as the past sessions
  7. Establish a basis for a participant to follow on for mentoring sessions, with me. These options along with access to all my material means that participation is for much more than just the meetings!!
  8. Provide extremely low  payment, inexpensive enough to be financed individually, if organizational approval is difficult.
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