Direct Mentoring

My longer term clients have for some time, requested this hands-on development/experiment with virtual management & leadership, because it’s perceived as increasingly important in everyone’s future. That is, we are all facing a future that is …….more virtual, global, diverse, distant, hand held, complex, faster changing, highly competitive, quickly paced, with multiple focus choices available, 7 x 24, with unfortunately only sound bite or limited available attention span, often available!  Everywhere!!

This open to all Forum graduates, sponsors, speakers, via mutual agreement, but not open to the general public.  The commonality of their own forum experience, plus their later professional growth is a uniquely powerful base for continued growth for these participants. There are thousands of graduates and people highly engaged in past forums [in many locations], who greatly benefited from the forum process and vividly recall what it did for them! Their memory is very positive.  I hear about it all the time. Direct mentoring represents an easy,  often inexpensive, travel free, optionally scheduled program for regaining access AGAIN to the forum process, its huge network, and for expanding each participant’s own existing capacities.

The general need for leadership energy and specific development of particular staff members has gotten more acute. That is, the classic “Be all you can be” is still a major need in every organization. Plus the networking potential and opportunity to explore better practices  can be achieved while not leaving work or home.

The basic unit will be a 30 minute call, interactive, scheduled as useful and mutually agreed. I will run, with a carefully chosen customized personal approach. My selected materials will be stored for later review. This is intended as the major “backbone” of how I now connect with emerging leaders, whose direct leader already knows and values my coaching and mentoring ability

Richard E. Dooley.

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